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    Hi All, Just thought that this would be useful to a lot of people on this site while in pain. Tips for growing more self compassion. While doing many workshops through pain clinic, one which is mindfulness which many of you know that I practice this anyway, there is another add on to mindfulness, which I found useful to,and that is self compassion, this is for both men and women. as men generally find this area a bit difficult but is a must if your to hard on yourself like I am. And learn to treat yourself like you would a friend that is hurting, this turns out to be quite simple to practice too. so if interested use the website. http://www.self-compassion. org
    it the one by Kirsten Neff. or look at other resources on her website.
    Jan this could be another useful tool to add to your site. Take care all and best wishes, Lee

    Jan Sadler

    Lee, Thanks for posting about Kirsten Neff.

    I can also strongly recommend the work by Linda Hall. She is easy to listen to and very comforting, calming and wise.

    She has two websites:

    Home – Linda Hall


    A good page to start at:

    Relaxation & Self Help Audio

    Jan at PainSupport


    Hi Jan, Thank you for posting about Linda Hall, Much appreciated, Hope you are keeping well. Take care and best wishes, Lee

    Helen H

    Thank you Lee and Jan-
    As someone who practises mindfulness, self-compassion is an area i struggle with.

    Best wishes


    Hi Helen, The Kirsten Neff is really simple, even when your in extreme pain both are Good its what you find easiest, take care and best wishes, and hope you are as well as can be. Lee

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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