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    I have an electric bed base but I’m looking for a new mattress to go on it. I’ve previously had latex mattresses but the shop I usually go to is closing as the man is retiring. I did a search on here and a lot of ppl seem to have memory foam mattresses. I tried a memory foam pillow of my mothers a long time ago but I wasn’t keen but haven’t tried a memory foam mattress and I’m not very mobile to visit shops. I’ve had 3 major spine surgeries and want to buy whatever is best for my back. I lie on it periodically throughout the day as well as at night so it’s a very important purchases do gets a lot of wear. I don’t sleep very well due to pain but I find sleep a good pain reliever.

    A mattress is a very individual preference but are ppl with memory foam mattresses highly satisfied with them??

    Please feel free to comment about your experiences.


    Hi Dalhousie, I have got quite a hard orthopedic mattress, but over the last 6-7 years I put a 4″ memory foam on top of that as it was getting a bit uncomfortable ,but with the memory foam on top it is much more comfortable and sleep a lot better as it shapes to your body, whether your on your back or side or front. and only sleep with one pillow I do use two when reading or watching tv. I have noticed there are a lot of better ones on the market today than there was 5 years ago and some companies even give you a trial period before you buy or if its no good for you just give it back .They normally deliver and pick up. but the prices do vary so might be worth contacting the company for prices and ask if they do a trial period, explain that you have back problems, but at the moment I’m happy and pleased with what I got and comfortable with no pressure issues as that is what i was getting. but as you’ve got an electric bed make sure whatever you get it’s compatible for it, as some are not. just a case of shopping around for best deal and trail period. take care and best wishes, Lee


    I don’t feel I dare change my mattress as you really don’t know how comfortable a new one will be until you’ve tried it a few nights and then it’s too late. Same with chairs.

    I only tried a memory foam mattress once and hated it, didn’t like the sinking in feeling and found it really hard to turn over and get out in the morning!

    Good luck!


    Hi Dalhousie, I’ve had a memory topper on my bed for many years and would not be able to lie down without it. I also have one in the caravan, for use in it and which if we go away then that single one is rolled up and taken in the car with us for use away. As Lee says over the years the quality available has changed and improved. My present one is a 4 inch one called Snug and has its own built in cover on. Which I feel must help preserve its life. I bought it off eBay a few years ago when my cheaper unbranded one had lost some of its memory . I’ve tried a memory foam pillow but it was unsuitable for me.

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