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    Hi Everyone, I have a disc that is bulging and pressing on a nerve
    in my lower back .I wake up every morning in awful pain and have to get up
    to ease the pain. Does anyone suffer the same? I’m wondering if my mattress
    isn’t helping . I have a very comfortable memory foam mattress but as I wake
    every morning in pain I’m starting to wonder if a different mattress might
    give me some relief. Can anyone recommend a good mattress for my problem. ?


    Hi Hope, I had the same problem with nerve pain and lower back problem and arthritis.I found the memory foam mattress to be the best.for comfort and sleep. i do take amitryptiline for nerve pain which helps me sleep better.
    sorry I dont know of a better mattress than this. may be you need to try and address the bulging disc that is pressing on nerve ie: some gentle stretching exercises to release the bulge pressing on the nerve. or try a Tens machine as well as your medication.for better pain relief. has anyone mentioned surgery to you if all other methods fail? there is a method done by physio where they lay you on a bed and attach weights to stretch you that works for a lot of people with bulging disk irritating nerves. maybe you could ask at your drs, or pain clinic or physio. Sorry I cannot answer about the mattress maybe someone else soon will answer, that has found a better mattress and can advise you. hope you had a reasonably good christmas and hope you have a better new year with finding things to lower your pain levels. I am aware its easier said than done but try and keep moving.take care and best wishes. Lee


    Hi Hope,

    I always wake up feeling really sore all over, but as soon as I get up and move about, it seems to ease up a bit.

    So maybe it’s just the not moving during the night that’s causing the extra pain. Mind you, it might be my medication taken with morning tea in bed that helps me more?!

    Do hope you have a happy new year with less pain. It’s what we all hope for, I know!

    Annie x


    Hi Lee , Thanks for your input. I’m waiting to see the consultant
    about my bulging disc but he only offers surgery which I don’t want.
    Hope you have a less painful new year !


    Hi Annie, I get up 3 times during the night
    and have to take painkillers one of those times, so I do move around
    during the night. I’m glad to get up in the morning as the pain
    Is so bad .

    Hope you have a less painful new year!


    Hi hope, I understand your pain, and it can get to a point you’ve had enough maybe suggest it to your consultant about the stretching part with weights before surgery if you have not already done so,if that that doesn’t work. otherwise its surgery that is only thing that will take most of your nerve pain away if it’s not damaged . sorry to be a bit blunt and straight to the point but i’ve been through all this myself, and tried a lot of things. I sincerely hope you get sorted soon whatever you decide to do nerve pain can be really painful i know and for me is the worst type of pain.and lack of sleep on top is very draining as you get irritable.keep in touch with how you get on. best of luck for the new year take care and best wishes. Lee


    I have just the same problem. My memory foam mattress is now 10 years old and I’m terrified of getting a new one. I know I need at least 4 inches of memory foam to support my spine properly but on top of what? A sprung mattress, more firmer foam? It’s an awful lot of money to get it wrong. I spent half an hour lying in one store with a half filled hot water bottle under my waist and felt areal fool. Trouble is my memory foam has gone soft and I can’t remember what it was like when new. I dread staying in a B&B in case the mattress makes me worse so I never go anywhere now. They all seem so complicated now with zones for this that andthe other. Ireally need one that can be sent back if it’s wrong but only one or two do that and they make it so difficult hat they end up not accepting it or only in exchange for a more expensive one of theirs.


    I’m on a 4 inch memory topper these days. And I think this is my third memory topper but I paid more for this one as the previous ones did not have a name to them and only last about four or five years. Think my latest one is called snug and has its own cover. The only draw back is, it seems to move down the bed and side ways. I think this must be due to the cover as I don’t recall it happening to the ones I bought without a cover. I can only sleep on one side so it seems strange it should do this. Regarding the mattress itself. It is a basic ? Sprung mattress on strips /slats of wood for the base and I have used this bed for over two years. Previous to this I slept in a bed that had its own squeaky springs and the sprung mattress was on top and the ” Snug” memory topper was on top of the mattress.. I don’t miss the iron framed Spring bed at all. But I certainly need a proper mattress and a memory foam topper. On the rare occasions I stay at a B/B I take a cut down version of the old memory toppers which live in the caravan. But can only do this if travelling by car.

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    Hi Hope, as people are saying what they sleep on, I found that if you have a solid base bed Ie with strips of wood going across it, and not a duvan type which is a wooden frame with like thick cardboard covering it ,this type tends to sag.or get a large piece of ply wood to lay on top of the base then just use a 4″ memory foam mattress with a 2″ topper so it’s like 6″ thick then put your bottom sheet on or if you want buy a mattress cover to cover all the foam then put bottom sheet on. This is what I have done. as long as the memory foam is on a solid base I have found this is a lot better as i suffer nerve pain and arthritis. i do not use any other mattress what so ever. a bit expensive i am aware, but it’s the best way i have found to help me. a physio therapist told me about it as hospital beds are solid bottom with just a foam mattress it’s the waterproof covering that makes them a bit uncomfortable. hope this works for you to. let us know how you get on. take care care and best wishes, and have a good new year. Lee


    Hi All
    Well I’m on a 7 inch memory foam mattress which I’ve had for about
    2 years so it’s still like new . I have bought a 2in good quality memory foam
    topper to put on top .
    Here’s hoping it helps !

    Lee, I have a divan base,not had it long so it’s still good.
    I can’t sleep on the wooden slat type, tried it once and ended up
    giving the whole bed to my daughter!!

    Happy New year to you all , here’s hoping for a less painful 2018 !


    Nerve pain, bulging discs in mid back and neck, trapped nerves and abdominal adhesions. MY Mattress was over 10 yrs old- a memory foam and had gone too soft so I started the search. What a nightmare and expense. What suits one won’t suit another. You need to go to a shop and be prepared to spend a couple o f hours here trying them out. Just explain that you have spinal problems and they will understand how long you need. I bought one, advertised for people with spinal injuries, that actually made me much worse and it was not cheap. I wrote to the company for advice and told them I’d ended up in hospital with suspected cauda equina. They were wonderful. They arranged for me to go to a local store and suggested several different ones to try.As a result of my review of each one they ended up offering to make me a bespoke mattress. I had to pay of course but half the normal price. I found a home for the original one. The ONLY time inteh last year that I’ve actually slept without pain an had a full night’s sleep was in hospital. The bed I was in just happened to be due for replacement which they did on the second day and it was an absolute dream; especially being propped up slightly. How I wish I could afford a real adjustable hospital bed.

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