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    Could anyone tell me if they are taking Lyrica for nerve pain
    and does it help or not ?



    I used to take it, and at one point i was on the near maximum dose. Taking 8 or so per day.
    It did absolutely nothing for my nerve pain, Zero. Just made me sick at the high doses.

    The only thing thats worked for my Nerve pain (physical nerve damage), is “Tapentadol”.
    Although after having Spinal Cord Stimulation recently (Nevro HF10 implant), im now off all drugs and pain free.


    Hi Hope, sorry I tried Lyrica a few years ago it is a bit milder than gabapentin but the same family and similar contents, had adverse reactions to both of them. sorry not much help from me I’m afraid. the only one I can take for nerve pain is Amitryptiline but still need my Tens every now and again. the thing with Amitryptiline is if you go past 50 – 60 mcg then it is not useful for nerve pain it is better at a lower dose daily.
    PaulT_99, Brilliant news Paul, that you have come off all drugs and pain free. well pleased for you. you got some life back. take care and best wishes to you both, Lee


    I came across this by chance and thought it was worth posting, though some of them sound a bit flaky!



    Hello 🎄
    I’ve been using this drug for a number of years. It works well for me, a couple of years ago I decided to come off it as I thought it was not effective anymore.i soon realised just what good it was doing. I managed to lower my dose from the maximum so I now have the option to increase if I need to in the future.
    I have learnt what works for one doesn’t agree with another. It’s best to keep an open mind and try these things for yourself. I hope you find some relief soon

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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