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    Hi all,

    Thought i would post this here, since my GP is useless and has no idea.
    Not pain related.

    I have massive 12″ scars on each hip where i have had full total Hip Replacements.
    Occasionally, say once every 2 weeks, But no particular pattern. A lump will appear on the Scar lines. Sometimes 2 or 3 lumps along the scar. They look like bad insect bites and are super itchy and inflamed. Raised about 3mm just like a bite. They are perfectly on the scar, not on the skin either side of the scars.
    Generally they are there when i wake up in the morning and once i start moving about they will be gone in about 2hrs.

    Anyone have any similar experiences with Scar tissue ?. Since many of us have had operations on here.
    FYI: Ive had this issue for 5yrs now, since my 1st hip replacement.


    Hi Paul, If its firm pink to red colour and itchy it could be a keloid which sometimes form after skin damage and heat can aggravate the problem. I could be wrong but without seeing it. not sure. try not to keep scratching as this could make it worse to , try putting calamine lotion on it or hydrocortisone cream can help, But I could be totally wrong. or something like Hives,uticaria take care and best wishes. Lee

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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