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    Jan Sadler

    By posting on the forum you are agreeing that you have read and will abide by the Forum Rules.
    Read Forum Rules here: Forum Rules

    Logging in
    If you’ve forgotten your Password or UserName, there’s a ‘Forgotten Password or Username’ option in the Login box.

    If you need to, you can easily change your password, your email address and other details in your Profile icon, under ‘Edit’.

    If you need a hand with registering or logging in, please contact me by using the Contact Us link in the menu above or from this link.

    Forum features
    – There are almost 150 pages to this Forum and thousands of topics and replies.
    There’s a really good Forum Search. It brings up all the previous topics on the subject you’re searching for.

    – Click ‘Subscribe to Forum’ and you will receive email updates of all new topics.

    – Click in a topic and click ‘Subscribe to topic’ and you will receive email updates of all new posts on that topic.

    Avatar/Icon Photos
    You may see some members have pictures instead of the blank icon. This particular forum doesn’t include the option to insert a photo in the icon space. Any you see are because the member has used a photo on some other forum and it appears automatically when they register.

    Links to some of our regular popular topics

    Pain Logs
    Pain Logs are really useful for you to keep track of your pain. You can also show them to your doctor if necessary.

    The Pain Levels log below will be a record of your actual pain level.

    The Pain, Feelings and Activity log below will help you to discover how your activities and feelings may affect your pain.

    Diagnosis Check List:
    Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS):
    Our members recommend the latest good books:
    Laughter is the best medicine:
    Ideas for easy meals:
    Today I am… Post a short sentence beginning with ‘Today I am…’ It can be happy or sad, a feeling or an experience. It’s just a chance for us to share with one another and gain a snapshot into each other’s lives:

    Useful Links
    Drug conversion table:

    All you need to know about how any part of the body works:

    A free course on managing chronic pain:

    Help others understand your pain
    PainSupport forum topic: For those in pain to pass on to family and friends:

    The ‘Spoon’ Theory by Christine Miserandino:

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    Jan Sadler

    Re-posted for Rose.

    Rose wrote:

    Hi Jan
    Two things I am really happy about on this new site are the fact one can re read the posting of the person one is replying to. In order to get my wording in better form without getting sidetracked etc. It really makes a big difference and helps me a lot. And the other good thing is having the box to tick if one wants to know when a reply has been made to the topic. Well done and thank you to you and the website team.



    Yes, the new forum seems very user friendly! I found it easier to rejoin with a new gmail address. Then i could get into my profile and change my password.

    Annie x



    Thank-you! I am new here and this really helps.



    hi im new here too and already feel this sight has so much to offer. The work that must have gone into it is deserves a standing ovation. For the first time in fifteen years i dont feel so lost and alone, so i cant thank you enough for that. G 🙂



    I see some members have put an avatar/picture by their name but how do you do that? I can’t see any way to do that on the “edit profile” section. How do you do it?



    It’s all right I’ve now seen the post called “Photos” by Sarah Kay so there’s no real way of doing it.


    Jan Sadler

    I’ve replied here too in case anyone else asks.
    Unfortunately this option doesn’t come with this particular forum. The odd photo you see is because someone has their photo as an icon on some other website. I’ve asked many people about this but they don’t know how the photo got there, it just appeared!

    I’m really sorry as it’s a lovely idea. I’ll keep looking and if I find a way I’ll let everyone know.

    If anyone has the answer, please let us know!

    Jan at PainSupport

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