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    Hi all

    I began suffering with initial lower back pain in April 2018. This was not caused by anything such as fall, accident or lifting. I had no previous back pain (or any pain) issues & was in good health.

    It was a sharp pain as I sat down.

    This has now progressed to worsened lower back pain & pins & needles to my left hand and foot. Which are now in my right hand and foot sometimes, too. Ironically, they’ve been really bad tonight on my left side only. The pins & needles started in December. Initially lower back for short while then left leg. Then spread.

    I had results from a full spinal MRI scan last week & was informed I have a minor disc bulge at L4 and L5.

    The hospital said it may be a slight pressure on the nerves, but nothing major. I’m not a candidate for surgery (too minor/surgeons won’t touch) or nerve block (for block as I have pins & needles on both side of my body) I have been left to it. They cannot help me. They said to see GP for different meds & that I won’t always be like this. Easy for them to say.

    From the MRI, the hospital said my thyroid needs an ultrasound so I’m getting that done next week. I’m also getting a thyroid blood test too.

    I feel at the end of my tether.

    I felt honestly the happiest I have ever been in my life before this happened.

    I have been signed off by the doctors since two months ago. I am a person who goes to work no matter what.

    I am struggling mentally. This is really, really bringing me down. My whole life is on hold.

    Could anything I’m experiencing be caused by a faulty thyroid or am I just clutching at straws?!

    I’ve ordered some special cushions online – hopefully they will help. I’m trying to stay positive. But that’s easier said than done!

    I was on medication but I’ve stopped in the last week as too many symptoms & mental fog. They were only taking the tiniest edge off the pain anyway.

    I’ve started doing back exercises to try and strengthen my back. I’ll be trying some Pilates and to walk more, too.

    I just want my “normal” life back.

    Any advice very, very much appreciated as I don’t know what else to try.

    Thank you.


    Hi Putmebacktogether, Welcome to this site, the disc bulge can cause pins and needles sensation in buttocks and down legs to feet. but not in your hands at that level. if it is discovered that you have hypothyroidism( under active thyroid) this can sometimes cause peripheral neuropathy but once doses of thyroxine is correct for you then that should go in your hands, there are so many symptoms that a under active thyroid can cause. try looking it up under nhs site . it can also cause low mood as well. but the same goes with over active too. under is more common with sluggish tiredness and memory problems while over is fidget and cannot sit still as if your racing along. thats the difference. You are doing the right thing by keeping as active as possible with your back problem and pilates /yoga is good as it is gentle stretching and over time may release the nerve pain in legs.
    there is at the top of this page a link if you click on pain relief. I have nerve pain/damage sij also athritis, after fractured/dislocated pelvis and 2 spinal ops and underactive thyroid with a few other problems but been living with pain for about 23 years now and done it all well most of it . constant pain can cause you to become depressed and living with constant pain I found that CBT and mindfulness worked for me. but what drugs and alternative methods work for one does not mean it works for another ,it’s a case of trial and error for what methods and meds work for you best ,so you can cope and deal with it all while in Pain. but seems to me your on the right track at moment wait till you have had thyroid test done and get results,if it is that then alot of your symptoms may go. Let us know how you get on . and can talk with people on this site that have been there we are a friendly bunch, and have empathy and truly understand what your going through and living with pain. take care and best wishes with the blood test. Lee


    Hi Putmebacktogether welcome = agree with Lee. Get checked for hypothyroidism. Otherwise I can highly recommend strengthening your core muscles which I foundout4 years later. I”he posted about a cushion which is a guest’s way to exercise, it”s primarily aimed at n back pain but I use forpelvic pain. It’s changed my life, and I do hope u find something to help fusion best wishes AnnieD

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