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    I’m new here, so hello fellow pain people.
    I’ve looked through some of the posts and I think you probably suffer much more than me.
    But I don’t really want to accept that i am going to have this pain for ever. I had a knee replacement to cure my pain – not to prolong it ! I’ve had physiotherapy, various meds, some worked, some didn’t. I weaned myself off the strong opioids.
    My visit to the pain clinic was a bit frustrating. I was asked to choose from list of things like lidocaine patches, tens, pain management and so on, with no real guidance. I chose the patches and tens, both of which caused extreme pain because i could not tolerate anything touching my knee.
    Fortunately I have a good GP and I’m trying out amitriptyline which maybe helping along with co-coda-mol.
    Sorry to go on but I wondered if anyone else had a similar experience after a knee replacement?


    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    My dad has suffered post knee replacement. But we found out that his leg had not be set straight, it was slightly twisted.
    He had to go back in and have it revised, and now he is pain free.

    Also your pain clinic sounds rubbish. They should be offering you the best solution for you. Not them asking you !.
    Are you anywhere near London ?. St. Thomas Pain Clinic is pretty much No.1 in the country and they accept patients from all over.

    I am also a fan of “Tapentadol”. Some people are not. But its a new drug released in 2012 and designed specifically for nerve based pain. I found it to be a wonder drug after 17 yrs of chronic pain. Its works and with minimal side effects.
    But it does seem to vary person to person.
    Also this drug can “Only” be prescribed by a Pain Clinic doctor, not by a GP. Or it will be refused. This is mainly due to cost. 1yrs supply is around £36,000.


    Hi Redleaf, Welcome to this site, I don’t have knee replacement but know what living with pain is about .As Paul says I don’t think that your pain clinic is very helpful, they should be saying try this if it doesn’t work or you cannot tolerate it, then come back and we’ll try something else.But sometimes we have to try every thing to see what meds and alternative therapies work for us. as what works for one doesn’t mean it will for another, its all individual based. But accept that this is how you are now, and work towards getting the best relief possible,for now, also see if they can do anything surgically, but it might be a case of failed surgery, in which like others and myself on this site have to live with, if this is the case then we can all help in some way to help you live with it with understanding and empathy. also there is already a lot of info in blue at top of this page like resources and pain relief.just click the link. For now take care and best wishes. Lee

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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