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    Hiya everyone
    I am back after a punishing eight months of trying to sort my ‘new’ flat out. I have had no end of problems. Now the summer is here and I feel deflated, exhausted, in pain and finding it difficult to cope. The summer does this to me.
    One bit of good news. Duane, my son, passed his first year of this Masters in Cardiology. We went to Swanpool near Falmouth last week before it got hot for a meal and the fish was so fresh that you could still taste the salt water (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean). Swanpool is my favourite place in Cornwall and would be better if the developers did not find it to build ugly houses on. That is a rant of mine. There are enough empty houses so why build. Anyway I digress Duane starts his second year in September.
    Best wishes to all Marilyn

    Jan Sadler

    Hi Marilyn
    Well done to Duane, we need good people in Cardiology.
    Heat can be exhausting, can’t it. One advantage is thatit’s not as hot in Cornwall as it is in the rest of the country. We always seem to catch the sea mists.
    I hope your flat problems have all been sorted out now and you can spend time relaxing and recuperating from all the stress. Do you have a fan? Good ones may help with the heat.
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.
    Jan at PainSupport


    Hi Marilyn, Glad to hear your Ok despite the the flat problems, and well done to your son Duane for passing his Masters.You must be proud of him.
    I have ceiling light/fans in all upstairs bedrooms and downstairs front room,as my house gets hot,maybe worth investing in one, as mine are reversible so you can have it cooling blowing downwards in summer or drawing the heat up and dispersing it so it tends to heat the room up quicker.
    Any way Hope you get your flat problems sorted soon so you can sit back and relax and well done for getting through a difficult stressful situation over the past year with all you had and got going on.
    As Jan says keep in touch and let us know how you get on.
    take care and best wishes.Lee


    Thank you so much Jan and Lee. It isn’t the flat that is hot. In fact it is quite cool. It is the atmospheric conditions and high UV level which aggravates my fibromyalgia and causes a flare up. I am a lot better in the Spring and Autumn. The winter though is a lot better than the heat in the summer.


    Hi Marilyn, oh got you now, my mis understanding. sort of know what you mean, as I have PMLE basically allergic to the sun, strong UVA/UVB light. Every year for past 5-6 years now been like it and end up in a rash all over,but it doesn’t effect face and hands, the medication and cream I use for it and use F50 suncream does get rid of it within a couple of weeks if I stay out of it. and cover up.
    strange as I have always worked out doors for years and like being out doors then suddenly this. it took my DR quite a while and in end see a skin specialist who diagnosed it straight away.have to slowly try and get a bit of a tan once quite tanned it settles and just use suncream.
    I prefer the summer dispite this, as winter with my other problems, i seem to be in more pain and turn into an old man of about 100. LOL
    Anyway hope your fibromyalgia settles soon so your in less pain . take care and best wishes. Lee

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