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    Hello all, sorry to post so quickly again but I have a question about use of morphine that perhaps someone can help with? I have been using morphine for around 15 years. I have reduced usage from 300 to 40 mg per day and my MS pain is awful. But the pain doc has said it has done damage to me over the years, including bone infectionions (hospital admission x 2!) reduced endorphin production, reduced testosterone, insomnia and others. The question I have is, “if I keep to the reduced intake will my system recover or is the damage that has happened permanant?” Any thoughts would be really welcome. Thanks for reading! Gee


    Hello Gee,

    With regard to your question about long term use of morphine – I thought you may be interested in this article on the website.

    The article is titled Understanding the Risks and Side Effects of Using Morphine, there is mention about the long term of morphine. I hope this article will enable you to research this topic further.

    Kind regards Sue


    I believe your body does recover to a certain degree. I have taken Morphine for about 14yrs, and have got over most of the symptoms it used to hit me with.

    Have you tried “Tapentadol” ?. Its based on the same family as morphine, but for me it was more effective and does not have the same side effects. Its specifically formulated for Nerve based pain and its a relatively new drug having only been released in 2012 in the UK.
    Most doctors do not know about it, so you will have to point them in the right direction.
    Also i believe as from last year it can now only be prescribed by a pain clinic doctor, not a GP. This is mainly due to its cost which is about £1,400 per box of 50 tablets.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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