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    I was referred by a GP to hospital a few days ago where I
    had a CT scan , nothing untoward showed up despite me being
    in agonising pain, therefore I was sent home in terrible pain
    with no follow up or referral to a different ward.
    Has anyone been referred to hospital and been referred to a different
    ward because no one knows what’s wrong with you ?
    I have specific symptoms but no one is listening to me, this has
    been going on for a long time now and I’m not coping with the constant
    agony I’m in . Any ideas on what I can do to find out why I’m having this pain .



    Hi Hope,

    That’s all very unsatisfactory isn’t it.

    Did you get a discharge letter when you left hospital after your scan?

    I’d go back to your GP and explain what’s happened and ask for him/her to refer you on to a specialist. There must be something wrong somewhere or you wouldn’t be in so much pain.

    I do hope you get it sorted very soon. It’s the not knowing that’s the worst thing, isn’t it.

    Annie x


    Hi Annie
    The pain is the worst thing but not knowing
    the cause is worrying me .
    My discharge letter is lies , it says ” You have been reassured ”
    No way was I reassured and I said surely you can’t send me home
    in this amount of pain . I will have to see my GP but referrals
    take so long if you can get one and I’m struggling to cope with the pain .

    NHS = No Hope Service .


    Hi Hope That’s not good enough really is it and can understand your frustrations, as Anniekat says, go back to your GP and and explain to him/her. I had a case last year and was sent to hospital with no satisfaction from local hospital and went back to my GP ,explained that i had no satisfaction or explanation nothing, just got fobbed off,luckily I have a good one, and they wrote to a specialist and explained my plight and within a week had an appointment and was sorted out straight away. at least they can do is get your pain under control so you can manage a bit better while they are investigating you. good luck, let us all know how you get on . take care and best wishes. Lee


    So sorry to hear about your troubles, Hope. I can identify with your problem as I too have terrible pain which can’t be explained. Mine is in the kidney area, am up all night in terrible pain, vomiting etc, this happens sometimes once or twice in a week then nothing for 3 months. The CT scan I had 2 weeks ago show nothing wrong but when I pinned the doctor down (not physically!) he admitted that the long delay in my getting a kidney operation causes the intermittent pain. So there was an answer but no-one wanted to tell me.

    Can you identify anything that you’ve had previously being connected to the current pain? Can you speak to your GP again and get a second opinion as it’s not good enough to leave you like this. Do hope you get so me result soon.

    Jan Sadler

    Hello Hope

    You might find our Diagnosis Check List helpful:

    Good luck – and keep in touch.

    Jan at PainSupport


    Hi Lee , Glad you got sorted . My problem has been going on for 4 years
    now and getting worse all the time .

    Hi Laura, Sorry you are suffering too . My problem points to my
    bowel /colon but because nothing is showing up to cause this pain
    they won’t do anything . I’m in constant pain which is excruciating
    After a bowel movement. It never let’s up unless I go 2/3 days without going .

    Hi Jan, Thanks for the checklist. It will be a great help and I
    Will certainly be using it .


    Hi Hope , I had problems a number of years ago now, with stomach pains every day and i had a colonoscopy done, just a thought if you have had this done, in my case they just put it down to some medication i used to be on or IBS. as they found no real problem with me. this lasted about a year then suddenly went as fast as it came. never did find out the real reason for it . hope they get you sorted out soon. could it be a diet problem, some thing you eat that’s causing you problems, just a thought. what ever it is i hope you get answers soon. let us know how you get on. take care and best wishes. Lee


    I don’t want to depress you but I had 10 years of that; taken in for 3 weeks just waiting for scans etc and when nothing showed, sent hom back on eh merry go round with more referrals and months of waiting. I eventually had one neuro dept who called in their pain team because they could see how much pain I was in.. If one dept can’t find out what’s wrong they don’t seem able to pass you on to another one; they just don’t work together. After 10 years of back and forth and seeing consultants and pain clinics privately I finally found a pain consultant who gave me an instant diagnosis. It was what I’d known for years but no doctor had heard of it. I still got no treatment because by then the damage was permanent but at least I could go back to my GP and say “See- that’s what I Told you”.


    The same thing happened to me years ago . I kept telling my doctor
    I thought I had fibromyalgia but he said no way have you got that .
    He wouldn’t refer me to anyone. I did some digging and found a consultant who specialised in fibromyalgia so I went back to the doctor and said if you refer me to him and he says I haven’t got it I won’t ask again, after a lot of thought he referred me . After 10 minutes of
    questions and an examination I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia!!
    I went back to the doctor and said I told you I’d got it !!
    It only took me 16 years for the diagnosis !
    Some gp’s think they know everything.

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