Hip replacement recovery

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    Hi all,

    Has anybody had a hip replacement recently? If so, how long was it before you could throw away both crutches?!

    I had my op 5 weeks ago and I can fly along on one crutch but when it comes to putting my whole weight on my operated leg, it’s very painful.

    Maybe I’m in too much of a hurry!

    I see my consultant in 2 weeks time and I need a bit of improvement by then.

    Annie x


    I haven’t had a hip replacement but had 2 major spine ops. With going on specialist forums I got a little disappointed as my progress was so slow compared to other patients but I was just slow to settle. When I did try to rush things it set me back. We can’t all have quick healing bodies. I’d say the best advice is listen to your body and the story of the tortoise and the hare springs to mind and along with it less haste more speed! Slow and steady wins the race x

    Jan Sadler

    I have a friend who had a hip operation about three weeks before you. She was getting on really well until it came to giving up the last crutch. She still hasn’t, as far as I know. She was finding it really difficult. So you aren’t alone.

    Can you practice walking unaided indoors where there are plenty of things to catch hold of? Don’t forget that you have other conditions too which probably means healing takes that bit longer.

    Are you seeing a physio? Maybe one could help you?


    Thanks Jan and Dalhousie,

    I saw the physio last week who have me exercises and signed me off. So I shall just have to be patient and listen to my body!

    And I’m trying to manage without crutches in the kitchen where I can hold on to the tops if necessary.

    Yes, tortoise and hare then!

    Annie xx


    Hi Annie,

    I don’t suppose 5 weeks is much time to recover from your big op but can imagine you’re anxious to get on with life and gardening!

    A neighbour had the same op as you and I see she is still using one crutch,so it’s not just you, we all take different times to heal.

    Hope things will keep on improving for you.

    TAke care x


    It’s not recent but my mum had a hip replacement. She never used crutches once she came home from hospital after 5 days. they wouldn’t let her. They said she’d become reliant on them and needed to get her balance on her own.


    Yes you’re right, Laura, I’m getting impatient, but to be honest, if I don’t get any better – which I will – it’s been worth it. I no longer have that bone on bone pain any more, and my spine has calmed down a bit too.

    Di -that seems cruel! I honestly don’t think I’d’ve been able to do a thing without crutches! And I certainly couldntve done all the walks up the road in the sunshine and fresh air! Thank goodness things have changed! Mind you, there’s still the physio to cope with!

    Thanks. Annie x

    ann e

    Hi Anniekat, I had my second hip replacement 4 months ago and still find it aches if I over do it.
    I think we all heal at different rates and you just have to listen to your body .Sometimes if you push yourself too hard it can set you back and
    5 weeks is still very early for recovery. Hope you have a good recovery Ann e xx


    Hi Ann E,

    Thanks for replying. Yes, it takes time. The first few weeks seem to bring a lot of improvement and then it seems to level off, doesn’t it. So I’ll just keep doing my exercises and hope to improve slowly now. The worst thing was sleeping on my back, but now that restraint’s been lifted I’m sleeping again!

    Annie x

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