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    i have nerve damage from a crush incident at work over 10 years ago and also have degenerative disc disease…i have always continued to work with aid of pain management (which i gave up ,as they were neglecting patients).and with drugs like tramadol,,gabapentin ,naproxen,baclofen and latest addition to these is oral morphine…
    my question is that my pain is excruciating at work especially around midday and it’s becoming the norm,and i could cry….and is there any advice to try and keep my job ..?
    i did try for PIP but refused ,as i hoped i could reduce my hours , i have skimmed over the pain toolkit and as good as it seems it would not be practical to take the rests ,breathing excersises while trying to get the jobs out …
    if. i have to give up work i know the DWP don’t recognise pain as deserving of help..
    many thanks for listening to me moan (apologies) ..stuart



    Hi Stuart, Welcome, sounds similar to me nerve damage/pain and arthritis chronic ongoing persistant pain, after fractured /dislocation of pelvis and 2x spinal ops. had to give up work as I couldn’t keep it up.used to be an electrical/mechanical engineer. thing is whats more important to you, some quality of life but no job or carry on working with no thanks from employer and excruciating more pain than you need to be in. In my eyes your health comes first because without it you cannot go on working til retirement.chat with your employer and lay your cards on table, explaining the position your in and see if they can agree something to continue your job like be more flexible with hours you do. if not then its up to you to decide wether you carry on, get your GP involved I’m in constant pain still and don’t work, I have tried but just physically cannot carry on what ever I do. DWP and PIP is a minefield so if you do decide that root get advice and help like a disability resource centre , or CAB. and when they turn you down just keep appealing. it took me 5 year to get put into ESA support Group so it can be a battle but thats what they want you to do is roll over and go away. I used to be doped up like a zombie but now manage on just Amitriptyline ,naproxen and co-codamol. with help from a Tens machine relaxation /visualisation and mindfulness. but all that is an individual road its what combination of things work best for you as we are all different. It sounds to me like your not having much of a life battling to keep a job. there are more things to life than just work and loads of money although it does help. The only thing I miss about work is the banter.but you make new friends out of it. Hope this Helps somewhat and be kinder to yourself. Take Care and Best Wishes whatever you decide. Lee



    I agree with what was said above but there are finances to take into consideration so I will just say do NOT give up on PIP. Join the Benefits and Work website and read their invaluable advice. Your injuries will have technical names rather than just “pain” which describe exactly what happened so use those terms; get hold of consultant’s reports from your GP. Get a printout of your medical records and send copies of all the relevant ones to DWP. For example, I have awful pain in my left shoulder and can’t raise my arm above chin level which means I struggle to do my hair, can’t lift things, can’t wheel my wheelchair. The injury to my shoulder has a name “Subacromial impingement syndrome with probable rotator cuff injury” I use that name to describe it rather than just saying pain in my shoulder from shredded tendons. It does help- it’s something they can look up. If you can get Pip it will make your decision about work that much easier. Cross reference all your medical reports to the relevant question on the sheet and send the extra sheets attached to the form. Send as much as ever you can; even x rays if you can get them. I got a disc from the hospital with all my x rays and MRI scans on it. Take your claim all teh way to tribunal if you must. At work, see what alterations they can make to make it bit easier for you and don’t run yourself ragged or you will have no personal life.



    Thankyou very much for the tips. I felt such a boost to my mind state with the contributions you both sent.. I have got avenues to try and cannot be grateful enough… I have talked to my manager and they pretty much will do whatever it takes to make my job easier.. Not bad considering the accident and the other issues are not their fault.. Anyway I’ll be back once I’ve looked into the information.. Thanks again.. You helped me out greatly



    Hi Stuart, Yes take on what Di says I was going to put all that in but it would have been a long post. Thats good of your employer not many like that in todays world. try to fit work around you if you can, rather than you fitting into your work. Keep us informed how you get on even if its a moan, LOL. Good luck . Take Care and Best wishes . Lee



    I have had Spinal injury and after a surgery it completely fine now. I found the right consultant and this would be good to go!

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