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    Hi does anyone know if t9 t10 disc bulge can effect upper abdomen like below ribs more pain to left then right other evening I couldn’t hardly touch that area standing up if I push on it any time gives me sharp pain and also after eating felt like organs pushed forward if you what I mean ty 🙂



    After looking at spinal charts, yes its quite possible Nerve trunks from the T9 area cover the upper abdomen.

    You need to get the bulge issue sorted, and use the correct pain killers to manage this pain.



    Hi Lurrie, I agree with PaulT_99 . it sounds as though you have a significant bulge in disc to cause these problems, I to think you need to go back to GP or Pain clinic to get your pain under control and to start a process of what they are going to do to correct the problem you have. If Persistant then usaully ends up with surgery if other methods fail to sort it out. But in my experience of true disk problems surgery is the only way of decreasing all these other problems you have with it. I know now days they are reluctant to do surgery and is their last resort. as sometimes it can cause other problems.Also depends how your coping with pain and symptoms. sorry to be so blunt and to the point.but I don’t believe in giving false hope and beating about the bush.
    Hope you get sorted out soon to lower your pain and get the issue sorted . take care and best wishes. Lee


    Jan Sadler

    Hi Lurrie
    That sounds very uncomfortable for you. Just a thought, do you have acid reflux? This can cause pain and bloating in that area, especially on the left, where your stomach is.

    However, you need to see your doctor as we can’t diagnose what is wrong, and it could be due to something else entirely.

    Let us know what the doctor says and I hope it’s sorted soon.

    Jan at PainSupport



    Hi thanks for replying I had mri bout 3 yr ago now said on it bulge at t9 t10 nothing more said Wat to do my Dr thought was hernia but got refused for proper scan been like this a year back forth to docs gives me pain most days it’s like left right just below ribs pain to touch standing up pressed just wondered if anyone else had this sort of thing..I will go back to drs and mention this thank you.

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