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    I suffer from chronic pain, and depression, also asthma. Went to the drs to collect a prescription for a inhaler. The nurse practitioner is withholding my prescription till I go for asthma review. I have No inhaler surely this is not allowed, I’ve not gone to hospital for two years, but if I don’t have an inhaler I panic which causes an attack. Thank god I have a nebuliser. But very pissed off someone I trusted would put my health at risk!!! What do I do. This is the last thing I need on top of everything else!!!! Can’t stop crying!!!


    Hi TJ, I had that done to me once held back on an inhaler,until i had asthma review.It shouldn’t be done in my eyes to, just make a complaint, it not the DR’s fault half the time it’s receptionists that get told what to do. all I done was ring the surgery and asked for a telephone consultation with DR same day. then told the DR what is going on and he issued one that day to collect that day.
    now i make sure I’m always a couple of weeks to a month in front with my meds. Take care and best wishes, Lee

    Helen H

    HI TJ- I am disgusted that they would do that- my surgery is fanatical about keeping a full inhaler with you at all times.

    I know it’s the weekend. but on Monday I would book an asthma review ( presumably you won’t get one the same day), and ask for an inhaler until you can see the nurse.

    hope you are feeling slightly better- this kind of stuff can feel really overwhelming when you are already dealing with so much.

    take care


    As a fellow asthma sufferer, I’m shocked that this should happen. I’d go to my local chemist and ask for an inhaler, they’ll take one back when your prescription comes in. Plus I’d make a complaint to the surgery manager, it’s not acceptable. Do hope you get sorted quickly, it’s the last thing you need.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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