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    Hi There

    I have tried many things in the past to easy my lower back pain, all sorts of treatments from medication to yoga.

    One thing I have always come back to is heat therapy to ease the tension and pain in my back, I found this article below and thought it was really informative, I hope it may be useful to someone who is considering trying heat therapy.



    Hi TRipple20, Thanks for the info, I have been using a electric heat pad for a number of years now, as sometimes muscles spasm when in other sorts of pain and muscle spasms make it worse than it already is,and have also found that heat is a great way to calm all this down. Keep safe and well as can be in these worrying times take care and best wishes, Lee


    I have 2 heated pads at home, the ones from Argos.
    One on the sofa, and another on the bed just to cover my lower back.

    It really helps massively, and even more so with my SCS implant where the wires under the skin can cause some discomfort, especially in colder weather.


    I’m glad to hear you both have enjoyed the benefits of heat therapy guys.

    It does really help me.


    Hi ,I have an under heat pad that I have under my sheets or move to sofa if I need to ..and I love it ! I also love a nice hot bath ,that is 15 min of almost pain free house lol. So yes I think heat is a great comfort for me and my pain .
    Happy Easter weekend 🙂


    My hot water bottle is a constant for kidney pain but was wondering if heat pads make you hot like a hot water bottle does? I don’t mind feeling hot in the winter but as the summer is coming I don’t want to bake!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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