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    Hello, just wondering if anyone has had their hardware removed after finding out that their spinal fusion wasn’t a success?

    Or has anyone had the operation repeated to try and fix the failed fusion?



    Morning I’m awaiting spinal fusion is this what’s happened to you?!!!


    Hi,RSH, Sorry cannot answer your question although my fusion was not a total success they did not remove mine as it would make it unstable, and as i have had 2 ops in one year just left it all alone, as it could make me worse than I am already. I am sure In another post somewhere where someone did have their hardware removed ,sorry cannot remember who that person was, I’m hope someone comes along soon to help you with a better answer. take care and best wishes, Lee

    Jan Sadler

    Hi RSH

    If you do a search for hardware+removed in the Search Forums box you will find posts from Laura who has had hardware removed:

    There may be others as well, try metalware+removed too.

    I hope you find the information you need.

    Jan at PainSupport


    Hi RSH,

    I had all the hardware taken out of L3/4 and L4/5 in 2011 because it was causing a massive inflammation in that area. I recall the surgeon telling me she’d never seen so many cysts in the spinal cavity which she said was to do with the hardware (can’t really remember all of it). Trouble is that was the 3rd op in the same area which has caused me to have terrible nerve pain in both legs ever since (due to scar tissue).

    Is this what you are having done?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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