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    Hi there, I’m super new to the forum and I’m not really sure how to start this topic but happy new year! I hope you’ve all had a safe and happy start to the year.

    I miss the support from attending my local hospital ‘Pain Clinic’ and I would like to share my experiences in the hope of helping others in this forum and maybe see if anyone can help me out with a few of my pain-related troubles.

    I’ve recently moved into a new job (which is great, lots of new opportunities are opening up!) but I’ve moved from a supportive, informed and empathetic group of collegeues who know my medical history to a completely different working environment. I really don’t know the best way to tell them that my physical abilities change day-to-day so they might see me using a mobility aid one day but I may be able to walk across the property I work at the next. Or that I might need to take a break during the day and sit down to evaluate how much I’m doing so I don’t trigger a flare up over the next few days.

    If anyone has any advice that might help, that would be amazing! I look forward to getting to know how the forum works better 🙂




    Hi Lotty and welcome to the forum and Happy New Year to you!

    I have to say you’ve asked a very tough question, as I work in a large company, I’ve only told people when they specifically ask, so when they see me struggling to walk. I’m really not sure what the best answer is, and hope others on here can offer you better words of wisdom than I can!

    take care & best wishes AnnieD



    Hi Lotty, Welcome to this site and a Happy New Year to you. If that was me, I would just have a meeting with your Boss and supervisor and lay your cards on the table, be honest and open,tell them your troubles medically, and that they vary from day to day. then tell you work colleagues the same . They should not discriminate you in any way due to the disability discrimination act. and as long as you can fulfill with a little help, the role that you were taken on for. then all should be fine. good luck and hope over a bit of time that you get the support from your colleagues and make new friends. take care and best wishes. Lee

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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