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    Hello all you gardeners – and I know there are a lot of us!

    On Gardener’s World last week there was a very interesting feature by their wheelchair-bound presenter. I know that his garden must’ve cost an absolute bomb, but he did demonstrate how to work around jobs that may have seemed impossible, using tools that are available quite cheaply online. He’s an inspiring man and well worth watching.

    Annie x


    Hi Annie, I don’t watch that, But do like to see a nice garden , my wife does all of the gardening , except mow the lawn, which I do and with her help cut the hedge,I cut, she sweeps up and clears all the mess, as this just does me in.but have got a little spade and fork to which i attached a long a long handle so I can dig little holes while my wife plants flowers in them ,as when I am on knees like that within 5 minutes my pain levels go through the roof. but we have got quite small garden in front and the back is longer. but My Wife says she enjoys gardening it’s her relaxation pottering around in the garden.
    Any way I hope you are as well as can be, and pain levels to a minimum.
    take care and best wishes. Lee


    I saw that on GW. He looked to have quite a big garden so it must have cost him a mint but if you’re settled there for the future it might be worth it, if you’re passion is gardening. He had a handy little trolley with all the gadgets. He looked to have a lot of useful tips.


    I watch GW every week without fail but missed this one!

    I only do half an hour gardening at a time. I’ve tried lots of ideas but none really helps except not doing it but I love all the flowers and veg. Every year I say I’m not having all the flower pots and veg but somehow it always happens… that’s the power of gardening for you!

    BTW is the gardening photo album still running?


    I saw that. It was a pity they didn’t give more details on the tools he used and where to buy them. For me bending is the worst problem. I manage 10 minutes deadheading or picking berries and have to lie down for an hour yet I can dig with no problems because I@m completely upright. I could kneel down but would never get up again. I’d love to put raised beds in my garden but it costs a fortune. MY back garden is gorgeous although lots of cutting down to do but I just can’t tackle the front garden which is just moss and a half dead hedge. Quotes to get it taken out and replaced with gravel or artificial grass came in at over £2000. It embarrasses me.


    Hi Di, Have you not got friends or younger relatives to help you get the front done, just pay for the materials then give them a few quid to get it done. as it’s basically digging and laying a membrane down then cover with gravel. for a couple of young fit ones it would only take them a day pay say £50 each between them and materials it shouldn’t even come to £1000 depending on how large your front garden is.It would only take 2 of them. also don’t feel embarrassed it’s not your fault. is it that you cannot do all the work on your own and there is nothing wrong in needing help.
    Any way hope you are keeping well as can be ‘Take care and best wishes. Lee

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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