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    I’m looking at having my gallbladder removed and I’m wondering if
    anyone else has had it done.
    I’m worried about the pain afterwards and also any effects afterwards.

    Any info please, good or bad experiences.




    My husband had this a few years ago, and is fine.
    He had a complication – the wound became infected – but this doesn’t often happen, apparently. It was treated with antibiotics, of course.
    He was very glad to have had it done.




    I had mine removed laparoscopically and I had no problems after the op…… However I’ve found that you can get more stones in the biliary duct and I have had these removed painlessly with an ERCP.
    Since the extra ones were removed I’ve had no problems at all unless I eat a lot of cheese etc when I get a few pained below the rib cage but I take a couple of Buscopan and that sorts it.


    Sue g

    I had mine removed in august last year by keyhole surgery, it was fine just a bit uncomfortable for about 4/6 weeks but took painkillers, soooooo glad i had it done, no pain and can eat properly again.
    Hope this helps



    Hi All,

    Having just had 4 days in hospital with jaundice and a serious infection caused by gallstones blocking my bile duct, I’d recommend anyone who has gallstones to have their gallbladder removed.

    Like Geoff, the stones were removed from the bile duct using ERCP, and a stent put into the bile duct. This wasn’t a bundle of fun!

    I’ve got to have another scan in 4 weeks time, and if all is clear, my gallbladder can be removed. I’m looking forward to seeing it gone!

    Annie x



    Hi Anniekat,
    Sorry to hear you have been so unwell – hope you’re feeling better soon and can get that gallbladder out! Not the best time to be in hospital, when the sun comes out for the first time. Hopefully you are getting a bit of rest at home now.
    T 🙂



    Thanks T,

    That’s not something I’d want to go through again!

    Annie x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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