Fractured Trochanter Bone

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    Went to see my consultant today for a routine 8+month check up after my hip replacement, and when he looked at today’s xray he told me that way back in July when I slipped I actually fractured my trochanter bone.

    I’m cross, because surely when I was taken into A and E and had my hip xrayed, they should have spotted the fracture. But it was put down to soft tissue injury.

    Eileen, I know you’ve had this injury for some time now. Were you told whether it could get better?

    Annie x

    Eileen Asbury

    Hi Annie
    Well mine happened 2 years ago and I have been told it wont heal.
    But then there could be a difference…… some letters from the consultant he used the word fracture, and other ones he said AVULSION……I asked the difference.
    He said Avulsion means its stretched but they use the word fracture for both of them??

    They showed me the x ray and how it had been stretched so far that it would never heal.
    I was also shown the x ray of my first hip replacement……there was a hair line crack on it. He said that’s a fractured trochanter bone and you didnt even know you had it……..that’s because it didn’t stretch. This is true.

    So lets hope that yours is an in between……not as bad as mine but possibly a bit worse than my first THR that I didn’t know about

    What did he tell you? Did he give you any idea? At the beginning another consultant saw it when I was brought in and he said it would heal but would take a long time.

    Just thought…another difference. Mine gave way 4 weeks post op and my leg gave way and I couldn’t stand on that leg. You dont sound as if you have been as bad as that so it will probably heal OK. Do you have to use crutches or a stick at the moment?

    Let me know if you find anything out

    Eileen x


    Hi Eileen,

    Thanks for replying!

    I had my hip replacement op in May and did fine for 7 weeks. Then I skidded on the slab and was in excruciating pain. 4 days later it was worse and I was taken to A and E.

    I’ve been doing lots of physio over the last 5 months, but I’m still unable to walk unaided and nothing improved my walking. Bit now I’ve been told that all the exercises were exacerbating the fracture!

    Then today I was horrified to see the xray as the triangle of bone that has broken away has moved some way upwards taking part of the abductor muscle with it.

    All I was told was that he would have a word with my surgeon but he was doubtful it would lead to an op. And then he would see me in 6 months! Great! No advice as what to do or not to do. So I rang my physio who told me to keep mobile but stop all exercises.

    I’m just wondering why the fracture was spotted in A and E way back in July.

    Annie x

    Eileen Asbury

    Hi Annie
    4 weeks post op I was doing an NHS exercise and it cracked,.
    I didnt realised you had to use an aid to walk.
    I’ve been told to keep moving.
    I walk {with crutches} but they say that is walking.
    I go to seated yoga at our arthritis care branch. Not all of it is seated if you dont want to but we dont do any floor exercises…dont think any of us would get up again LOL
    Some exercise that an ordinary yoga class would do…..standing and stretching we stand and might have to balance by holding the back of a chair.
    We also have a walking group
    I’ve fgot a couple of easy exercises from the physio
    I’m a volunteer for arthritis care so that keeps me moving.

    I hate to say it but the x ray does seem a bit like mine.
    What do you take in the line of pain killer for it. Does it give you much pain?

    You would wonder why it wasnt spotted earlier…..doctors!!!!!!!!


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