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    Hi Caroline, Glad the Tens is another tool you can use which helps you, The difficult part is finding your baseline and pacing,you base line is any activity you can do now without causing a flare up, baselines can improve over time and this is not what you used to able to do, or what you think you should be able to do. there is a big difference in what we want to be able to do and what we think we can do and what we can actually do. this is why people have frequent flare ups.Pacing is about spending enough time on an activity without causing a flare up, you need to listen to your body as this can change daily depending on how much pain your in and feeling each time you do something.the aim is to achieve and maintain a fairly even level of activity despite varying pain levels. I found that at times like this, you might need to write it down on what you can do when like this, even if it is just 2 steps and use this as base line. it hurts to try things I know, as long as it doesn’t make pain worse than it is already, and slowly build up from your base line each time. you may find that it may flare up again, don’t panic, just go back to the beginning baseline and start again, It is not a failure. and is mentally and physically tiring.This is not what we want to get into if possible that roller-coaster and circling. just use all the tools you know to help you get through it. like Tens ,meditation/relaxation /visualization, distraction methods what ever helps you as an individual. It may seem as though your going round in circles on a roller coaster ride,you need to try and break that cycle. It is hard and very difficult I know. With chronic pain the majority of the time the injury is healed or it may be caused by something else, and our brain signals go faulty.It is a case of trying to correct this. although it is not always possible as it is so complicated and like myself just learn to except that this is how I am now and deal and cope the best I can. Hope this gives you a little more in depth of how baselines and pacing works Take care and best wishes, Lee

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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