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    Hi Ellie and Lorna, Ellie what name is the alternative to naproxen that they gave you, please?
    Lorna, well you made it to your son’s, hope you enjoyed yourself despite you feeling unwell , wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Take care all and best wishes. have a happy new year. Lee



    I am the same. Had a great Christmas with sister, hubby, nephews and mum (who lives with me). Sister lives down south – we are in Scotland). My mum is able to visit her and her family down south butbimam not well enough which I find very difficult as I miss them a lot. I suffer from severe pelvic pain caused by Endometrosis stage 3, Lipodema and lymphatic problems, and facet joint and si joint pain caused by the Endometrosis , plus fibromyalgia , and eye problems which I had an op for last year with not complete success, plus problems from a stroke at birth, the hardest thing is the suffering every day and the increased pain and fatigue after the event. I wish I could enjoy things without having to pay for them. I spend most of my time in my adapted bed due to my severe pelvic and back pain. The extra tissue in my legs , head/neck and arms causes severe swelling and severe migraine head headaches . This means I have to,wear compression on my arms and legs everyday along with head and neck compression. I try to pace this year and ended up participating a bit more than usual and paying for it now. My mum is also chronically ill but not as bad but gets very stressed near to my sister arriving as she stayed for 6 days so my mum has all the prep cleaning, hoovering etc beforehand that I am to unwell to help with, plus cleaning up after which makes her very irratiable. I spend a lot of time on my own normally as my mum who is my carer likes to go out in the afternoons which makes me feel very isolated at times. Fortunately I have my wee dog for company and I do want my mum to have a life as she was involved in abusive marriage to my father for 40+ years with myself also suffering .
    I hope your antibiotics are working and you feel brighter very soon and a happy new year to all on this board and all the best for 2019:)



    Must be very hard not being able to go visit your sister I am very grateful that I have my husband and a daughter close by , my other children are quite a distance although I am visiting my son currently. My other daughter is 4 hours drive and it’s just too much at the moment. I hope this flare up will end soon.
    Think Lee’s idea of meditation is a good idea I used to meditate and need to get back to it it really helped
    Hope some of your pain eases soon keep talking to us



    Hi Aurora, it’s obviously hard for you and your mum who is not well herself, and still looking after you, maybe you need to all sit down with your sister who I take is a well person, and explain that you and your mum struggle to cope some days and it would be grateful and nice that when your sister visits that the house may not be spotless and if she could help out when on visits as it gets to much to look after and waiter on them as well.I understand it can seem to feel isolated as well, do you have any hobbies you can manage even colouring in a book or start tracing your family tree which is free on wikitree which will keep your mind occupied rather than dwelling on negative and past things.Hope you start to feel a bit better soon, even though your not very active as long as the brain is kept active and positive and is moving forward on different thoughts and ideas that you can manage ,that’s the main thing.Happy New Year to you.

    Lorna, well that’s your new year resolution then, LOL get back to meditating especially mindfulness CBT based .it gets you on a positive outlook and lifts your mood. practice every day ,you’ll get there.
    Take care all and best wishes. Lee




    So I normally have naproxen 500mg and they said these were out of stock but they still have the naproxen 500mg gastric resistant tablets in stock. Also a few weeks ago they contacted me to let me know that the normal naproxen was back in stock.

    Hope this helps

    Happy new year everyone

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