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    Hi All
    Just joined the Group. I suffer from a wide range of chronic pain and I was told this is a good way of keeping in contact with people who have similar symptoms.

    Helen H

    Hi Mina
    and welcome to the group. Sorry to hear you have Fybro. I have ME and widespread pain which is really disabling and hard to manage. I joined this group around 5 years ago and it has really been a Godsend. I have learnt a lot and had a lot of encouragement. On a bad day it really does help to know that folks in this group do understand.

    Feel free to post a specific question or you can search for topics under the blue headings at the top of the site ( Jan has placed all kinds of helpful resources there.)

    Best wishes


    Hi Mina,
    Welcome to the group, I personally do not suffer from fibromyalgia,but some of us do, there is a lot of info. on here as well as personal stories, If you click on the links at top of page in blue like resources there is a link about relationships and the effects of chronic pain and how it effects relationships .Also in blue try clicking on Pain relief as there is alternative methods to help you cope. If you write your condition in the search forums box top right and search it will come up with all posts relating to it and discussions there will be a lot on there and you might feel overwhelmed but just take your time if interested. I have been living with constant pain now for about 23 years and exhausted ,pain management ,physio ect. and suffered depression as well because of it and done counselling, CBT and practice Mindfulness after doing a course.but each has their own ways of coping. someone will answer soon who suffers with fibro I’m sure , might be a few days though. Take care and best wishes, Lee


    Hi Lee
    Thank you for your compassionate message. I feel the warmth by joining the Group. I will bowser all section bit by bit. I share your frustration with the constant pain that is never ending. Like you I suffer from depression and spinal problems. The doctor advised me to stop taking all the medication as my brain no longer process or respond to pain. Well said…the pain has affected every aspect of my social life and the work. For me the worst part is the brain fog a constant feature of Fibro. Currently I am taking it easy as I have been told by the consultants to make lifestyle choices! I have been active in the past but I feel I have lost all my stamina. I will be coming to this site from time to time to share my story and I am so grateful for taking the time to write.
    Speak soon
    Best regards


    Hi Mina,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    I have CFS/ME as well as osteoarthritis in most of my joints.

    I can’t stress enough that by ‘chatting’ to people in a similar position to yourself, you will combat many feelings of loneliness or helplessness that symptoms of Fibro can cause.

    I joined up many years ago at a very low time for me. There I met people with kindness and empathy who knew exactly what I was going through.

    If you take a look at the Contact group, you may find friends to share your interests with. Some of us have got together to play online Scrabble. (You’re very welcome to join us if you’re a Scrabbler!). It was nice to actually meet up with one of our members.

    I do hope your symptoms are not too bad at the moment.

    All the best!

    Annie x


    Hi Annie
    Thanks for the supportive message. I will explore this site as I go along as It takes me awhile to find out how to use online forums. It is not that long that I joined the Group and have found it the best online forum. Writing things down about the pain makes a big difference. I will be up for meeting friends here in time. At the moment my level of concentration is very poor which is a feature of Fibromyalgia. I think about the Scrabbler game😄
    Thanks again for the lovely message. M

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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