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    Jan Sadler

    I’m posting this for AmyV
    Jan at PainSupport

    From AmyV:

    Hello All!
    I’ve resisted speaking much on these forums believing I was better off just getting on with it?? until i couldn’t do it alone any more. So here I am! I surrender ??. I’ve been unfortunate in that my appendix and some of my small bowel burst as a one year old. Yes one! Not a typo.
    Then of course came adhesions, many operations, accidents, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and two forms of arthritis. I now have developed a pathological fear and distrust of hospitals, only because they move so slowly and tend to nurture the sense of being out of control of my medical destiny.
    Currently I’m having problems with Matrifen patches 100 and before that Fentanyl 75. The Matrifen fall off and give me a high some days and withdrawal on others so I’m searching for both chemical and I guess spiritual relief. This seemed like a good place to be.
    Usually I’m a jolly soul ?? but recently since Matrifen I’ve been all over the place but I’m in the process of solving that….if only I could see my doctor who has mysteriously disappeared on me and his other patients. I do hope it’s very temporary.
    This may be naughty but I had a couple of Fentanyl 75 left in my cupboard, so after not being able to see my doctor and having written my distress to the clinic, I felt within my right to reduce from Matrifen 100 back to Fencino 75. At least they stick. And I’m pretty sure I get at least as much of the drug as I was on the failed Matrifen. I’m just waiting for my doctor or his replacement to appear.
    Thanks Jan for this well designed positive forum. God’s speed to you!


    Hi AmyV, Welcome, Your in the right place to talk, I didn’t talk about my problems but by talking on this site I found it helps to talk to people who understand and recognize what your going through with empathy,also you will not feel so alone with your troubles,and it helps with any mental health issues which many of us have been through including myself.
    Isn’t fentanyl and matrifen the same thing? but just a brand name. I used to be on all that but weaned off of it as it was just making me ill. Are you with a pain clinic? as this would be a good start as they can help a bit more than just a GP. also you should be under supervision when messing around with these type of drugs and changing doses.
    You have been through a lot which should be spoken about as if you don’t you will find you end up depressed also long term pain and living with it can make you depressed anyway. I’ve been living with pain for about 23 years after fractured /dislocated pelvis and 2 spinal ops now with nerve pain/damage SI Joint problems ,Arthritis and general chronic persistent pain, Degenerative.
    there is a lot of info if you click on the links in blue at top of page under resources and pain relief. I hope that you get to see a Doctor soon about your patches and get the right treatment to get your pain under control a bit better. keep in touch and take care and best wishes,Lee


    Having been on Durogesic for a long time and now being asked by local pain clinic to cut back slowly. I am only to happy to try this. I have on two occasions been given Matrifen. On both occasions they peeled back and whenever peeled off left a dark rim on the skin where fluff had been collecting adding to a lower dosage. The hard plastic nature of these patches just does not work on soft human skin.
    Matrifen is not fit for purpose in my opinion.


    Hi’ I use matrifen patches and always place a piece of micro pore tape over it just to ensure it stays on! I but this myself and it’s great 😁 As for up n down days … the matrifen can be less effective if you’re sweating a lot or been in hot bath etc
    I hope this helps and you are having an easier day today 🥰

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