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    Last July my GP referred me for nerve conduction tests because of tingling and altered feeling in my feet and ankles. He suspected peripheral neuropahy. I now have the same in my wrists and hands. HOwever since then there have been no appointments at our local hospital. My referral was assessed and someone decided I need to see a neurologist before even thinking about the tests. I was given an appointment for early March which was then cancelled because the consultant had gone on a course and there are still no appointments. My GP refuses to send me anywhere else as he says I will just go back to the end of the list. If I do ever see anyone and get it confirmed, is there really any treatment for peripheral neuropathy other than gabapentin or lyrica? neither of which I can take.


    Jan Sadler

    I would give them a ring, Di, and ask if they know when the appointment is likely to be.

    Another medication for peripheral neuropathy is amitriptylene or its equivalents. I take this and it does help a little but not enough.

    Frustrating, isn’t it. I hope you find a way forward soon.



    I have rung; several times. There simply are no appointments listed at all and haven’t been for months. Oh it would be amitrip- another one I can’t take. The pain consultants keep asking me to try it so I tell them what it does to be- zombie best describes it- and I try it yet again and it does exactly the same. Also as I have sjogrens syndrome, I can’t tolerate any more dryness. Looks as if I shall just have to live with it. Hah! What’s new?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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