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    sarah kay

    with pain and being alone with this and family that don’t care


    Hi Sarah,

    I empathise with you , it can be a tough and lonely road this pain business.

    My family circle is very small and I hardly ever get asked how I am. I think people get fed up of it, well so do I and I’m the one suffering !

    Can you think of anything that would help you, like a voluntary job or similar, just for a few hours?

    Hope you will feel a little better soon. If not do tell your GP. Take care xx

    Helen H

    Hi Sarah

    I’m sorry you are fed up and your family don’t understand how much you have to deal with. I can really empathise: living with pain really can push your mental health to its limits…and that is not something anyone really understands until it happens to them.

    It has really helped me to get involved in meditation and creativity. It is not easy to do these with pain, but it gives me space where the pain is not the only thing I focus on.

    But I should also say that I am on anti-depressants too- not something I took lightly, but I am prone to depression, and without them my mental health really suffers.

    It is important that you tell your GP how you are feeling.

    Take care


    Hi Sarah, We all get like this at times and I agree with what Helen says but I now dont take anti-depressants but was on them for a couple of years to get me over the worst of my mental health problems, I think that if you keep your mind active and stimulated and try new things and talk to people that listen and keep as active as you can then, all this will play an important part. I understand that it is hard and at times you don’t feel like it but just try and go with the flow , do something anything, and yes talk to your gp how your feeling. This site will also help I found talking to others that understand with empathy. Take care and best wishes ,Lee

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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