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    Hi 56 year old male here – keen cyclist, gym goer and regular keep fit.

    Facet joint problems have bothered me on and off for about 30 years now. I have long periods like years – where I don’t have a problem – then it goes – usually a steroid jab sorts it out and I have another couple of years pan free.

    About a year ago I had a flare up and had a lot trouble getting a steroid injection on the NHS – eventually I got one – but this time the relief didn’t last – I then tried nerve ablation – again the relief only lasted a few months.

    My pain is bearable – so long as I don’t do anything, Walking or prolonged sitting just give a sickening pain.

    I got to yoga and pilates – sometimes it helps – sometimes it makes it worse …

    For pain releif I take naproxen and co codamol

    What I want to is given that nerve ablation worked only for a few months – what are my options now

    (Obviously I have tried physios, chiros etc)

    Jan Sadler

    Hi Kingrollo
    Have you tried a sports therapist, they are sometimes better than other types of hands-on treatment? If an operation is not recommended it would seem that self-management of your pain is the best way forwards. We have lots of information on this website about managing pain yourself. That is what most of us on this forum end up doing, together with any medications that give a bit of relief. See the Pain Relief section in the menu, especially Pacing and Breathing.

    Have you been to a Pain Clinic? If not, you could ask your GP to refer you to one. They can help with stronger medications and other therapies.

    Watch the naproxen, I was using it for about six weeks recently and it ended up causing me serious anaemia.

    Good luck, I hope you find something that gives you better pain relief.

    Jan at PainSupport


    No I haven’t tried a sports therapist – My physio with dry needling acupuncture is very good a getting me pain free after about 3 sessions.

    However I have 3 major flare ups this year – I am a keen cyclist (cycling 50 miles is easy for me) – this hampers my training.

    I am wondering if there is a permanent fix out there

    Are my cycling / Yoga / pilates days now coming to an end

    I have read about spinal fusion – which is often listed as the next step – if nerve abalation fails. However I don’t think I am bad enough for spinal fusion – and from what I have read a spinal fusion puts you in a position to cope better – not to put you back on a racing bike !!!


    Hi Kingrollo,
    I would carry on exercising as best you can, probably stick to yoga or pilates and cut down the cycling a bit so your not in so much pain as i found cycling worse for me as your stuck in one position and its just your legs moving. especially if you have back/pelvis problems like I do.the only exercise i can manage is swimming.
    alternate between 3 different styles for an hour non stop ,better in water than on land. still gets heart pumping and all muscle groups moving. also gentle stretching exercises. thats all i can manage on land.
    when in a flare up just cut back to a more comfortable level ,then slowly build it back up again, pacing your activities.to avoid flare ups.
    I have had fusion on lower back and problems with SIjoint in constant pain with degenerative chronic pain, nerve damage/pain and arthritis. after fractured/dislocated pelvis and 2 lots of back surgeries in one year.this was about 23 years ago, injections and nerve ablations never worked for me or very short lived as your finding out.and with surgery it is a 50/50 chance it works ,I know people it has worked for and gone back to their employment, this site is mainly failed surgeries. then it’s a case of accepting this, and your life is not what it used to be and managing the best you can on medication and alternative therapies that work for you, as an individual, as what methods work for one does not mean it works for you it’s a case of trying it all, and see what works for you best. Accepting that your life maybe turned upside down is a hard and difficult road, this is where this site is and can be your life line to listen how others manage and cope with day to day life living in constant pain. it does not mean that’s it, life is over, it means re adjusting your life and finding new hobbies ect. to start a different life with what you can manage and seeing it at a different angle . you can still have a fulfilled and purpose despite being in constant pain. many have gone through the stage of trying to chase rainbows to find that miracle cure ,including myself, to put it in a brutal and honest way there isn’t one.and the hardest part is accepting that this is how you are now and accepting that you are doing your best you can without causing yourself more pain than you are already in. and enjoying a slower paced life, it’s the little things that bring the most enjoyment and noticing things that you have not noticed before when your running around like a headless chicken in todays fast paced life. also being kind to yourself and awarding yourself when you have completed or done a task. we are always here to help or talk to with empathy and true understanding what living with pain is about, at the end of the day surgery is the last resort and to have it or not is your choice depending whether you can manage living with the pain. in my case I had no choice. constant pain brings on relationship problems which tests
    how strong your relationship really is and also mental health problems like depression /anxiety for which I and many others have been through, which there is resources and pain relief at top of this page in blue or just ask and someone will answer. take care and best wishes,for whatever you decide to do and you always have this site. Lee

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