Disgusted with PIP decision

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    Hello all

    Today the dreaded brown envelope dropped on my door mat

    I opened it wondering what the decision would be

    3 POINTS and a half hearted explanation as to why my DLA will be stopped and no PIP to follow

    My partner and I looked closely at the decision makers words. He/She has based their decision on the paramedics comments who undertook my assessment, an assessment that was cancelled twice by the way

    There was no mention of the huge amount of supporting evidence sent in by my GP, CPN, Phsyciatrist and physiotherapist apparently because the paramedics assessment seemed, to them, as the best source of information

    I do not believe the supporting evidence was even looked at

    Section after section they said I was able to do everything on the list without a problem. I, according to the decision maker, can easily walk more than 200 metres without issue despite the fact that I couldn’t hold my legs still throughout the assessment and nearly collapsed when they made me walk up two flights of stairs because “The lift was broken”. The lift was in perfect working order when the assessment ended. I rely heavily on my walking stick, they said my “Gait” was perfectly normal. I suppose my mobility scooter is nothing more than an ornament?

    I suffer with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, dissociative disorder, chronic pain syndrome, asthma, lung damage and knackered feet. I have to take morphine, fentanyl, antipsychotics, anti depressants and asthma sprays

    I’m constantly moody and find it almost impossible to socially interact. My back and legs are constantly hurting and I can’t walk before the pain gets too much, to top it off I can’t breath after say 50 metres or so

    I’m stunned and enraged that they are saying I am a liar basically wrapped up in a nice little bundle

    I felt like somewhat had smacked me in the face with the biggest insult I have ever been subjected to. I composed myself and thought bugger it and started proceedings to appeal. They are going to get everything I have to give, they will not win

    The CAB are involved so far and I have drafted a letter requesting a mandatory reconsideration. I have contacted MIND and Disability Sheffield too

    My next step will be to get our fantastic Labour MP involved

    I’m focussing my current anger on getting this mess sorted out. It will take it out of me and I will be a shell by the end of it all but I will win

    Thank you for reading this post and giving me the chance to blow off a little steam

    I hope your all well



    Hi Mark,

    What a way to be treated. No wonder you’ve had to let off steam. Quite right too. Now you will feel more able to fight your corner. I’m glad you’ve got CAB involved, because they will know the best way to approach your case, won’t they. I wish you lots of luck. Fight the good fight!

    All the best. Annie x


    Mark, January this year I ‘flunked’ my ESA assessment, I totalled zero points, no doctor or NHS physio of mine was invited to give any evidence, it was all about what happened on the day, how I got there, how close to the place I parked, I tell you matey, it hurt getting there, a real challenge, and those &@£@ bags damned me for it, so I appealed by phone and by letter, and that really is an absolute joke, a sick joke, so I took them to tribunal. It took another 3 months for that to happen, the DWP paid me a reduced rate, and then on the day I was ready, plus it was local, plus I had someone take me, plus the DWP didn’t even turn up, there was a judge and a doctor, two lovely people but they only gave the whole event less than 30 mins to happen, and that never happened, I was on them for 75 mins, even in leaving I made a point of saying I just wanted my day in court, 24 hours later they gave it in my favour, I wasn’t ecstatic, more sickened by the whole event, I thought that was that, but now I still have to attend the job(joke) centre to look for work, they call me in every 3 weeks, next March, after 1years ESA expires they will means test me, I’m not wealthy, don’t own house etc.., but I do have over 22000 pounds, just, which means they stop the lot again for good., fortunately one year after that I officially retire, I worked for over 40 years, lived on the basic benefit plus my savings that have gone down by 80 per cent now, but I tell you I’ll be glad to be rid of those penny pinching heartless people, barry


    What angers me is that back in 2007 the banks got this country into an unbelievable mess, that the government had to bale them out of, in return the government has looked to the masses to recoup its losses, and the easiest targets, the sick and the needy, how pathetic they are, we’re not scrounges, we’re just people who need help/support, their only motivation is financial gain, we can’t all fight back, just adds torment to our illnesses, for those who can’t fight back, or won’t, it’s truly a wicked regime


    A CAB person who was experienced in ESA/PIP helped me with mine and it got me a better PIP result this year. It seems to be all about the wording of it and how you explain it. I would never have been able to construct what he put. You definitely shouldn’t fill them in on your own.

    The assessors don’t always write what you tell them though. Last year they made false claims about things which I was physically incapable of doing. Didn’t appeal though, too much going on trying to sort out my health issues and no spare energy. Good luck x

    Claire Baldwin

    After almost 7 months of fighting to get the decision to stop the higher rate of mobility (now known as enhanced mobility payment) I won the tribunal yesterday and have had it re-instated. However if my family hadn’t been able to cobble the amount needed to buy my mobility car I admit I would have fist pumped, jumped for joy or whatever and gone out and put in an order to get back into the scheme again – however they did manage to find the amount needed! Feeling relieved its over now, just REALLY frustrated it had to go this far – how much is this costing the tax payer I wonder??? The CAB were fantastic in their help, and I wouldn’t have fought the final decision if I didn’t have a good support system (small though it may be!)

    Good luck in what ever decision you make xx


    Hope you manage to get your appeal sorted out quickly.
    I’ve got my assessment next week and have seen the new rules…they certainly go in favour of not paying!


    UPDATE: I am now at the stage of waiting for my appeal date. The appeal form and associated extra information knocked the stuffing out of me but I eventually managed it without going completely crazy. I took my appeal to the CAB and they said I have a really strong case. The advisor said when I have gone through all the stages I would be more than welcome to go and work for the CAB. This is the second CAB advisor that has said this. They both said my work on my ESA and PIP applications etc is brilliant. I took this as a major compliment and even though I know I’m not well enough to work for them at the moment it may well be a consideration for the future

    I’m taking a bit of time out at the moment as the whole process has knocked my physical and mental health. I’ve just started on Amitryptaline for my bipolar and chronic pain, hopefully I will feel the benefits soon

    Hope your all ok



    I’m afraid the biggest mistake you made was in going up those stairs when they claimed the lift wasn’t working. They tried that on me years ago for a tribunal so I simply said, “Then you will have to find a room downstairs because it’s impossible for me to get up the stairs”.
    Remember they are watching you from the minute you get here; how you get to the building; how you negotiate the doors, even how you get in and out of a chair or how you cope with waiting in the waiting room. Best of luck with the appeal


    Hello all

    Sorry I haven’t replied for a while, I have been quite ill

    I received a response from the DWP yesterday, it consisted of 130 pages. They are trying to strip me of all credibility

    Their report denies the errors I pointed out, they made numerous errors on the report including spelling the “teh”, report “rrport” etc etc

    They went on to claim that Atos assessors gain nothing by misleading the decision makers. I laughed out loud, of course they do, they’re paid to be manipulative

    I still believe I have a good case and am treating this correspondence as yet another attempt to make me withdraw my appeal

    I’m hoping the judge will see past their attempt to berate me

    It’s taking its toll on me and I’ve had to have my psych meds changed but I’m determined to see this through

    Hope your all well



    Keep fighting Mark – they are hoping that we will all give up because it takes so much out of us to fight for it. so many people just can’t face the fight and this of course saves the govt lots of money.
    Remember they will be watching you from the car park or road in and out of the building and think before you answer any question. I am partially sighted with neck problems meaning I have limited use of my arms. When I had my last assessment for esa ( thankfully got into support group) I requested a copy of the Drs report and on the report she had stated that she had watched me return to our car and how much help I had needed. Plus when I arrived the receptionist pushed a piece of paper through the grill and asked me to sigh on the line please – if I had picked up the paper and stuck in on the end of my nose I might have been able to find where to sign but this is not what a healthy person with normal eyes would do so I just waggled my white symbol cane at her and asked her to put her finger on the place. Its these seeiming little things that have a huge effect on your assessment.
    I wish you well and hope you are successful.


    When I switched to PIP my money was slashed massively. I will be going to tribunal in a couple of weeks, CAB helped with all paper work for that. My Doctors and the CAB all said I will win at tribunal and that they are hearing about lots and lots of people that have had their benefits cut. Get to CAB, get your gp and other docs to write a statement for you and any carers. The more evidence the better. The tribunal service is completely independent of the DWP. Good luck…

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