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    Hi all,

    There’s been a lot of talk recently in the media about people being addicted to painkillers, anti-depressants etc. and wondered what you thought about it.

    I’ve been on all the main pain meds in my time, and been through pretty horrendous cold turkey coming off a couple of them. They didn’t give me any pain relief just made my brain scrambled amongst other horrible side-effects.

    The only med I take now is amitriptyline to help me sleep but I’ve realised that I just take it every night as a habit, I’m not addicted to it. However, as I often have to get up at night with pain I’ve decided to try to wean myself of it. I only take 10mg so have cut it in half this week and will see what happens.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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    Jan Sadler

    Hi Laura

    When I came off amitriptyline a while back (am now back on it) I discovered that although I didn’t think it was doing anything, it certainly was helping with the nerve pain, not much, but a bit. So instead of coming off it, my doctor then put it up to 20mg and that works best for me, at the moment. Things change, time goes by and our bodies do get used to a certain level of medication. It’s a good idea to come off it if you don’t think it helps you and see what happens.

    Let us know!
    Many thanks
    Jan at PainSupport

    sarah kay

    Always come off of it very slowly.


    Hi Jan,

    Well, have been down to 5 mg for a week or so but I’m waking up a lot in pain throughout the night. So have gone back up to 10 mg and have slept much better! I’ll just stay on the 10 mg, thought it was worth a try anyway….


    How does amitriptyline help with your pain. I have three herniated discs and had really back sciatica two years ago which has left me with what i call the pinch in the back of my thigh and a numb foot. I also suffer with servere pain in the front of my thigh when walking on the other leg. Some days i just want to crawl back into bed and cry!!!


    Hi Carerof,

    Sorry to hear about your problems, it can really get you down this constant pain.

    I’ve tried up to 50 mg for nerve pain in my legs but it didn’t help, I just take a small dose to help me sleep. Have you tried lots of other meds? I’ve got nothing to help with the pain caused by failed back surgery syndrome.

    Take care.


    I take 75mg of amitriptyline for pain along with various other prescription pain killers, I didnt think it was helping me so I weaned myself off and the pain was horrendous afterwards so started taking them again


    Hi Laura, I take amitriptyline 40 mg, at night for nerve pain, as this is the only one I can tolerate, It has stopped most of the nerve pain but still get breakthrough pain now and then, for which I tend to use a Tens during these periods,Also it helps me sleep and stopped me legs jumping and moaning with pain in my sleep and helps lift my mood a bit, I got told by a specialist that when using this drug for nerve pain it only works at lower doses from about 10- 60 mg anything more it is not really doing anything and that the higher you go is used for depression. and if you find that your on high doses it probably not working for you and need to try a different drug for nerve pain. any other type of pain than nerve pain you need a different type of drug.
    I did try and lower the dose to come off once but pain and restless nights kicked back in. so increased it and stayed on it. sorry for late reply but had trouble with the site allowing me to post.
    take care and best wishes, Lee

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