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    Hi All, These are testing times at the moment and a lot of us may be worrying a bit about the uncertainty of it all, although there is help for people who have mental health issues, I being one of them and suffered PTSD ,depression and anxiety and been through counselling ,CBT and mindfulness course,constantly over a 6 year period to get me out of that deep hole, and this site is a great way to express how we feel by talking to others that live with chronic pain and gone through mental health issues themselves.
    So if you are struggling at the moment and cannot get through to the professionals I hope Jan does not mind, but we can all talk to each other who have gone through Pain and mental health issues and give ideas of How we coped through difficult times in our lives, and so that You are not alone with your struggles and with understanding of the feelings most of us have been through,especially when some of us are isolated any way, without all this going on and watching the news , I found that I just picked out what I needed to know then turn the TV off as it was making it worse for me, them keep going round and round repeating themselves ect. I understand that this is serious and probably more than what the government are letting on, So we have this site, which many Thanks to Jan for many of us has been a bit of a life saver, So Keep safe , take care and best wishes to you all , Lee

    Jan Sadler

    Thank you, Lee, for posting this. As you say, it’s a strange old time right now. It’s a new situation for everyone and I guess we’re all feeling and thinking in much the same way about it. So you are not alone.

    I’m taking one day at a time and trying to not think and worry about what is ahead. To help with this I concentrate more than ever on what I can/need to do to keep my spirits up.

    Gentle exercise is even more important now, so do move in whatever way is appropriate for your condition. Concentrate on enjoyable things to do: art, craft, music, radio, TV, gardening, reading etc. at a level you can achieve.

    Visit our ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ thread:
    We have thousands of the best jokes around – all clean!’

    For even more jokes, do a search for ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ on our site.

    Stay safe, keep moving and keep smiling 🙂

    Jan at PainSupport


    Thank you Jan, I do have a lot of art ideas buzzing around my head and some on the go at the moment also there is stuff I can get on with outside in garden to, and may bring my art to work outside, in nice weather,to get that fresh air, the only thing I miss is my main exercise regime, Swimming as it’s closed until further notice, but still stretching and having a burn up in my self propelled wheelchair, LOL and thanks for the post of jokes much appreciated, Take care and best wishes, Lee

    Helen H

    Hi Lee and Jan
    Thanks for this thread where we can keep each other going. It is going to be hard on anyone’s mental health, but for us all there are particular difficulties.
    I am trying to stick to my daily routine as far as possible and to get some balance between being active, being creative and getting practical tasks done…and supporting my spiritual wellbeing with prayer and meditation….and of course as I have ME mainly resting.

    Here Spring is really coming into its own and there are blossom buds and leaf buds on the trees,as well as headings and daisies in the communal garden. I also saw some doves outside getting romantic so it really is Spring!

    My husband is a pianist so we have been singing a bit if you can do it, even in the bath, it really lifts your spirits…and helps your lungs.

    Keep going and stay safe everyone

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    Hi Helen, Not much has actually changed for me really except swimming, and seeing my kids which they are staying away from me as I,m one of those that is vulnerable, like many others on here, but they do face time me 2-4 times a week so i can see them. but it’s not the same as in person is it. just got to try and keep it as normal as possible and keep moving as much you can and exercise those lungs, meditation which I normally do is keeping me in perspective of things an keeping me calm did have a blip yesterday as my wife is one of those that come under essential worker , worries me a bit, but all good so far,take care and best wishes, Lee


    Hi All
    I’m missing swimming too had only just started and the pool closed, was hoping it would help my walking but was not to be
    Pain clinic told me to stop naproxen because of the virus which I did on Sunday but I’m already feeling a Lot more pain so may take it anyway, really need to keep moving
    Also doing arts and crafts to settle my mind and avoiding too much news
    Take care all let’s hope this is over soon x


    Hi Lorna5, Thanks for your post, I have not heard from my GP yet and know they said dont take Ibuprofen, I to take naproxen, no one has said not to stop taken it,to me as yet, this drug doesn’t mess with my asthma to much not like ibuprofen does. I think they are getting worried if you do get covid 19 then it would make things worse for you, but then if like me a bit isolated anyway except the people you live with and everything is fine with no symptoms with anybody in your household I would have thought it would be fine to still take it but best have a chat with pain clinic about that one,
    thats a shame about swimming thats what i miss as its keeps me more mobile and the main exercise I can do to keep fit as possible when this is all over get back to it. I have a large rubber band type thing that I picked up from physio started using that on my legs and arms for exercise, it gives a bit of restriction like swimming does when moving. not the same as being in water though. Glad you to are doing crafts and avoiding to much news as long as you get the important bits .Stay safe, Take care and best wishes, Lee

    Helen H

    Hi, I just wanted to say hello, and ask how everyone is doing?

    I have 3 types of pain- muscle, joint and nerve pain, and iam finding the nerve pain had to control over the last weeks. I am convinced it is because my nervous system is more frazzled than average due to increased anxiety. Anyone else finding worse nerve problem also a problem?

    On a lighter note, if you are chatting with family and friends on FB messenger, if you click on the smiley on your own image, a strip of options will appear on your screen and you can virtually ‘ wear’ different hats, wigs, moustaches, etc, which has caused much laughter on the darkest days, and would be a lot of fun for anyone includingkids.

    Stay in and stay safe everyone


    Hi Helen, since doing mindfulness meditation I found that I too have notice that I have 4 types of pain, SI Joint pain Arthritis Pain, and just my chronic pain that I’ve always had, also nerve pain, the nerve and SIJ is the worst.and when in pain have realized what pain comes from what, so I can effectively treat myself according to where the pain comes from as they all are slightly different and take slightly different measures to calm it down. and found that heat is a good one for me for overall, and Tens for the breakthrough of nerve pain.
    Increased anxiety and uncertainty can cause you to become more tense, muscle tension causes more pain, also other sources of increased pain,that’s why when stressed ,anxiety,or low mood I tend to do more meditation and relaxation technics. it is hard when situations are out of your control. and there’s nothing you can do about it, but to weather the storm and look after yourself and be kind to yourself, as it will pass and things will get back to the usual. In really bad times I use a method called TICK,TOCK same as mindfulness but it’s more in the moment, like a clock the tick Is the past and the tock is the future and in between is the hear and now. I found it good for anxiety in the moment.I just listen to tick tock of a clock ,but for me it is a bit more difficult as I’m Deaf so just watch a second hand. or if you have a set of them balls hanging on string in a frame can’t remember what there called when you swing one end and the energy passes through all the other balls and the end one swings.same method tick tock. it’s just a more intense way of quickly getting control of your emotions and anxiety ect. focus and breath and concentrate on the middle part of tick tock. well works for me .Funny you should say that about FB my wife was doing that the other day and showed me as we were talking to my son. made me laugh. keep up the art and craft when possible. take care and best wishes, Lee


    Hi Helen, forgot to mention try searching, the “Just one look” its a husband and wife team. that may be helpful to you. I just adapted it in a way that suited and worked for me in an instant. Stay safe and take care, Lee

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