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    Hi peeps

    Just wondering if any of you have come across a really good electrically heated pad? Ever since my back problems started 15 years ago I have found the only real relief apart from drugs is from a literally BOILING hot water bottle. Unfortunately because my husband has to work there are times when the bottle gets cold and I can’t get out of bed to get a fresh one. A friend has suggested an electrically heated pad, which I know won’t get as hot as the BOILING bottle, but would presumably be better than nothing. However, having seen various ones online I figured it might be worth checking if anyone on here can recommend a particular brand?

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    I cant remember the name of the one I got for my neck many years ago, ( an unknown make) but as it happens, I found a Wheatie pack more comfortable. But you would need a microwave handy for that and they only last for about 20 mins at best. But you can get them in a hot water bottle shape.. Have you checked out the reviews from the online shops to see what other customers say about the electric pads? Amazon usually do customer reviews and Argos also.


    Hi Jude,

    Looking at the thread title, you’ll be lucky to find one without an automatic cut out these days. Following incidences of people falling asleep and burning themselves, legislation was introduced enforcing the cut out.



    Thanks for your input Rose and Steve. I’ve done a bit more research myself and although they’re considerably more expensive I’m considering trying one of the infrared ones, which supposedly heat deeper into your bones as it were.

    As you said Steve, it appears that it’s all about Health & Safety these days, oh, if only they could see the scold marks on my back. The consultant who examined me prior to my spell in the rehab clinic – not the booze or drugs one, lol – was HORRIFIED, and the doctor that I saw at the tribunal when I had to stand up for my rights regarding benefits warned me against ‘first degree burns’, but it really is the only thing that seems to give any relief


    Hi Jude

    Just had to log in and reply to this post as I am literally sitting at my computer with a boiling hot water bottle on my back. I too recently saw a new Pain Consultant and told him the only thing that helped the pain was the extra pain inflicted on myself by way of a hot water bottle. He said that the mottling effect on the back from the extreme heat actually had a medical name Erythema ab igne (didn’t remember it just looked it up. I have tried all sorts of other heat sources including wheat bags etc, but nothing matches it – I am afraid though that I will do myself some damage but, end up giving in an reaching for the bottle (hot) as a last resort. Would be interested if anyone comes up with a good, safe alternative.


    Hi Antonia

    Good to know that I’m not the only one! Perhaps we should try reaching for the Brandy bottle instead of the hot water bottle, and see what effect that has, lol.


    Hi Jude
    Don’t often post but I too get my most pain relief from a hot water bottle behind my back. I go every where with one and always have a spare one in the house – they have burst on me a few times. If I need to top it up I carry a thermos or two of hot with me and have been known to ask for top ups in restaurants. It’s my mainstay and couldn’t manage without – have tried a few times but end up with my pain levels soaring. Would rather have a mottled back than higher pain levels!! 14 years of constant pain so have tried pretty much everything there is to try now.
    Good Luck and maybe try a thermos
    PS have bought some pretty covers from etsy online which makes them look less like a fluffy one!


    Hi Sharon

    Thanks for your input, it’s kind of reassuring to know that I’m not the only one wandering around with a horribly mottled back, as you say given the choice I’d go for the bottle every time – the hot one that is, not the alcohol, although at times I’ve been tempted to try it, lol.

    I think given your input that maybe it’s worth me trying the flasks, I’ve not done it before because I didn’t think a flash would keep the water hot enough, but if you recommend it I’ll certainly give it a try.

    Hope you’re having a good day.


    I’m another hot water bottle user.. I have one in bed every night except for the hottest weather, use it on my flank when I’ve had awful kidney pain and I also use it for back pain. The only place I don’t use it is on my legs where I have nerve pain as it makes it worse. Couldn’t live without one…it was my late mother’s cure-all as was a hot soak.. can no longer get in the bath these days LOL


    Nothing more comforting than my HWB!


    Hi Jude, I use an electric heat pad by Beurer but this does have a cut off after 90 minutes. It has a remote control so that you can easily turn it back on and has 3 heat settings to choose from.I use mine regularly and find it so useful as well as comforting.I got mine from QVC, here is the link to it on their website

    Hope this info helps xx


    Hi LucyD

    Thanks very much for your input and the link. I’m off to investigate!


    Hi, I have an electric heat pad I bought from Argos and it has been invaluable, they still have them at Argos and it’s a Dreamland Intelliheat Pad, this looks bigger than mine and has more heat settings and a longer “on” time so maybe worth a try.


    Thanks for that rdolly, it certainly looks like it might be worth a try.

    However, I have a bit of a funny (although not at the time) story to share. The other day while putting something away in a drawer that’s rarely used, I discovered that I already had a heated belt!!! Yeh! Yeh! I know! Memory like a sieve, lol. I got it out and got all excited, and in all honesty it wasn’t that bad, especially when I just laid it across the bed like a pad so that I could get up and down when I needed to.

    Only trouble was, I had a really sudden attack yesterday, it was all I could do to make it to the bed, and of course, what had I done, moved the heated pad when I made the bed, so I couldn’t even get to it. What an IDIOT!!! lol. Seriously though, with the amount of pain I was in yesterday, I don’t think anything except for my trusty hot water bottle would touch it, and then of course if you use a hot water bottle you can’t have the pad in place in case the bottle leaks, so now I really don’t know what to do. Grrrr! Bloomin’ back pain!

    Hope everyone is having a GOOD day.


    After having my fusion 4 years ago (which failed) and has caused be so much more severe back pain, I could not be without my electric heatpad from argos (dreamland intelliheat). I used to like a hot water bottle but because I have arthritis in both shoulders and its difficult filling a hot water bottle, the heatpad is so much easier!

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