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    Hi there! I have just joined the forum, felt like I needed somewhere to talk to people who also suffer from chronic pain and feel the way I do. I suffer from chronic headaches, every single day. The pain never goes. It lessens at times and worsens at other times but it is always there. It frustrates me as people think it is not serious as there is nothing visually wrong with me, and some people categorize it as just a headache – which annoys me so much as they couldn’t be further from the truth. I am only 24 and trying to start a business myself as well as deal with this pain. I can’t remember a time not having pain and I just feel so isolated and fed up. Anyone out there who feels the same please comment below.



    Hi Kerry1
    Have you seen a pain team or are you managing with your GP? I had chronic headaches with a neck injury, which responded well to a spinal cord stimulator, although that was after a number of years of other treatments, some helpful, some not.



    Hi T
    I have seen many people about it – GP, neurologists, alternative therapists etc etc the list goes on! The thing is there’s nothing that I can say caused my headaches in the beginning, and they have been happening since childhood/adolesence. I have tried so many medications and other techniques and have found no benefit from any of these. Very frustrating! Never tried spinal cord stimulator – but I don’t know if that would work for me as I don’t have a neck injury – well not that I am aware of anyway.



    Hi Kerry

    I was sorry you are having to deal with this. You have all my sympathy- it is a very tough thing you are living with- which I know from husband,

    who has exactly what you describe- a constant headache that is there all the time. He has tried many things over the years from convention medicines to counselling, diets, homeopathy, chiropracty….he has had brain scans, tried exercise….

    I am sorry I can’t give you the solution, but I hope you can at least know that you are most definately not alone. We think this must be quite a rare situation as there is no online support group and he has never met another sufferer in 10 years!

    One book that we both enjoyed was ‘Chocolate and Vicodin’ My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn’t Go .. by Jeanette Fulda It is a very funny book account of a young woman’s search for cures.

    Let Jan know if you would like to message me and she can give you my email.

    Helen x



    Hi Helen

    I couldn’t believe when I read your response that there is someone else who is in the same situation as me right now. As much as it is a terrible situation to be in – it is nice to feel I am not alone. I feel for your husband also, it really alters your life living with a constant headache. I also think it must be so rare. I have never met anyone who has tried so much and not found a cure like myself.

    I am new to this forum so not sure how to actually let Jan know? But I would like to message you to talk about this further.



    Jan Sadler

    I’ll email both of you!
    Jan at PainSupport



    Thanks for sorting that Jan!

    Helen x



    Hi Kerry1,

    Just wanted to say I too understand the constant pain and the invisibility of pain, in my case it’s back pain and leg pain…even though I use a stick to walk. Some people don’t understand and never will and others you have to educate along the way (in the nicest possible way of course!).

    I developed kidney pain a couple of years ago and it’s now back with a vengeance, up all night in terrible pain on top of the normal pain. Hospital doctors have discharged me as ‘complete asymptomatic’ … duh? Screaming with pain is not a symptom? I think many doctors don’t understand pain at all but having tried all the medications incl a spinal cord stimulator I’m at a loss to know what to do next, so I feel for you in your quest for answers.
    Take care

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