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    I had an open inguinal hernia repair with mesh nearly a year ago and have been suffering ever since. It seemed to take a long time to heal and I was off work for three months. The pain got less and less gradually and I finally thought I was making a full recovery a couple of weeks ago then I overdone it a bit at work and also got a bad cough which has really hurt me. Now I feel like I have stepped back about 8 months pain wise. I have had times when I thought pain was getting better but it seems like if I do anything other than being a couch potato 24-7 the pain comes back.



    Hi Adam, sorry to hear your suffering in pain, I understand what you have had done, although I have not had this myself, I know that usually this type of op you need to have really light duties for about 3-4 weeks then after 6-8 weeks you can go back to how you were. depending on what type of work you do, if it’s heavy labour then it could take a bit longer. may be you had over done things a bit early which has caused this problem after or it was not done properly in the first place ,I do not know the answer, but would suggest you go back to GP or ring the surgeons secretary to see if you can get re- examined and to shed light on what is going on, now. but in the mean time have a look at the section on top of this page under pain relief it might help in some way for you to cope a bit better, also see GP and get pain relief for the time being until you get this checked out properly. Let us know how you get on. take care and best wishes. Lee

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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