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    miss k

    Hi i was doing some gentle stretches today and afterwards. I had a twitching sensation in my right arm. I did something to my left shoulder couple days ago and its been hurting. I have found it difficult to sleep and generally quite stressed.

    Has anyone experienced these twinges or spasm? I think it is the nervous system.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar being in chronic pain.?How did you find
    some relief? I am putting it
    down to stress. I contacted Gp who advised A&E. I went to A&E before as Gp wanted me
    to get CT scan, but Hospital refused. I was experiencing migraines , with white specs in my vision. I have no faith in A&E for things like this?

    I personally think going to A&E is useless, they wont do CT scan and the stress of being in A&E will only make things worse. I have a recording of my muscle twitching
    just in case. I get seen my a medical professional any time in the near future.

    Thanks for any replys.
    Best wishes


    Hi Kerry, I get that sometimes as I have nerve damage which causes mine when I’m fatigued or over use of my legs.
    so basically if you have nerve damage or spinal problems that can aggravate the nerves
    which some are attached to muscle can cause your muscle to twitch, also as your a chronic pain sufferer and if you suffer from extreme anxiety this to can cause twitching of nerves/ muscles as to if you have problems or old injuries to nerves and over use and really tired can cause this .
    Most of the time it is harmless, and nothing to worry about. and keep doing gentle exercising can help with this but over doing it will cause it. but it should settle.
    sometimes it’s something to do with your bodies electrolytes that can cause this, and some other underlying problems in which case seeing your GP is a must and he/she may send you to hospital to find out. but this is few and far between individuals and only if it carries on day in and day out at varying times during the day/night.but every day. but if it s just for a few hours then goes away and settles then if you have been exercising to much or fatigued by doing stuff and after that the twitching begins then from my experience of it, I don’t worry about it. sometimes it even makes my legs jump.but since I have been on amitryptiline the leg jumping and severity of my nerve pain has lowered the pain and legs stop jumping.which was mainly at night.
    As I am not a DR or your GP and I don’t know the ins and out of your story medically I could not tell you, the actual reasons, and would take my GP’s advice.
    I know that MS people suffer from this twitching to. So if you have not been diagnosed with MS then that’s out the window.
    But as you say you injured your shoulder a few days ago and then doing gentle stretching which is good for you and getting the shoulder moving again. you might of aggravated a nerve in that shoulder and it should settle down soon. give your shoulder time to heal.and personally I would not worry about it to much.
    Hope this helps you somewhat to make that decision Take care and best wishes , Lee

    Helen H

    Hi Kerry,
    Yes i have had much worse nerve pain lately, and like you, i have found even gentle stretching flares it up horribly. I think it is because of all the stress surrounding the covid- pandemic. I find that when 1’m anxious or worried then the pain rockets…and parts of my body that are usually not bad can flare up.

    Not sleeping well seems to be affecting a lot of people- i write as someone who has been awake since 3.45am! This intensifies the pain, and reduces the resources to cope….and is also a classic migraine trigger.

    I can’t give you medical advice, but as Lee says, and as we all know as veterans of many flare-ups, the pain will probably stabilize and calm down once you have rested.

    Take care

    miss k

    Thanks Lee and Helen. yes nerve pain has calmed down i took a break from some social ,
    media and reduced the amount of typing and txt messaging i do on my phone! I do feel pain has hugely improved , my arm has and shoulder . Thanks for all your info both.

    And hope you Helen have managed to find some coping strategies to improve sleep
    too. I am aiming to limit social media and phone use one hour before bed.

    Best wishes to You lee and Helen and thanks for your reply

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