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    Good evening members
    I’d like to know how one joggles pain with work. Due to Fibro Fog I am unable to concentrate and feel I am carrying a heavy brain. I applied for 25 jobs in the last 2 months and all was negative. Even when I go to the interview I feel I cannot make a connection between my response and all the questions in spite of the fact that I have 2 postgraduate qualifications. I am going mad and do not know what to do. My days are idle and the big issues for me are lack of mobility and fatigue as well as brain fog.
    Any advice would be appreciated


    Hi Mina, Sorry about being so blunt and what seems a negative answer, but this was my outlook..
    I used to be an electrical/mechanical engineer and should not ever be out of work, but my mobility problems and constant pain has rendered me not to be able to fulfill my job,or work, and tried getting back into some sort of work even part time but sadly no-one would take me on, despite hundreds of applications , in my condition, but would not give me a straight answer. so I had a chat with my cousin who is a top manager of a electronics firm and he said even he would not take me on as I would be a liability and if there was a fire ,ect, I would be a hindrance to someone else’s life as they would have to help me, and would expect no-one would take me on the way I am despite the legislation about employing disabled people . that is the brutal honesty in the matter, but employers just say things like you was not suitable or successful this I had a chat with my GP and that’s when they signed me off permanently,and said look at it as an early retirement and enjoy all the things you like to do and can manage, as if I had kept going I would have been in a worse state than I am now. Looking back he was right because over time i am getting worse and by being in a job that would have brought it all on sooner.
    It has not got to be negative though and can still enjoy your life and fulfill it without being in employment, but keep trying as it’s up to you, and i wish you every success in getting something in the future, take care and best wishes, Lee

    Helen H

    Hi Mina

    I have ME, and I know all about brain fog and I do empathise with the frustration. Like a lot of people with ME I continued working long after I was able to, by sleeping/getting v ill, when I wasn’t at work, and my work deteriorated as did my health. In my case I am worse because I didn’t rest when I needed to

    It must be incredibly tiring to fill out online applications and attend interviews. I don’t want to dissuade you, but if the interview is difficult then how much harder would it be to do the job you have applied for. Only you can know what you are sustainably able to do…

    I have not been able to work for 6 years, and as Lee says, just because you are not working does not mean life needs to be empty- you just might have to do things slower and over a greater span of time. For me it has given me time to rediscover past enthusiasms…and be more patient.

    Wishing you all good things

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    Hi Lee and Helen

    Thank you so much for the insight. It is really helpful to know about other perspectives in life. I will read your advice again and again to remind myself that I could do things beyond work. I went to the library today and I just wanted to scream from nerve pain every time I put my hand on a keyboard/mouse. I also have my DWP disability assessment and dreading the prospect of being told you can work 😩 even though I know Deep-down I want to work as I am not a lazy person by nature but due to mental and physical health I have become a different person. there is so much pressure on us from every angle. In my last job up to a few months ago the employer even did not want to acknowledge my disability despite having an occupational doctor report saying I have a disability and they need to make erasable adjustment at work. But they did not care, in the end I left on the grounds of constructive dismissal.

    I am so pleased that I can speak to someone about the pain and my suffering.

    Thanks for your good wishes

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