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    I will try and keep this as short as possible.
    I had a catheter ablation in 2017 and unfortunately, they hit my femoral nerve when they took it out.
    I have been in constant pain since and no one has taken responsibility – just gave me medication after medication.
    Has anyone on here got a similar injury and has any advice on what medication/therapy works?




    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I was diagnosed with both large and small nerve damage in my lower back about 2yrs ago. After suffering for a total of 17years.
    For me anyway, i have tried literally 20 drugs & treatments, and the only that worked for me was Tapentadol. Its a new drug released in 2012 and is specifically designed for nerve pain.

    Following on from that in November last year i had Spin Cord Stimulation surgery @ Guys & St Thomas hospital, using a “Nevro HF10” implant. And now i have zero to minimal pain and do not require drugs anymore.

    If you have not done so already, get yourself into a Pain Clinic so you can be assessed for the best treatment to suit your pain situation.



    Hi SamP, welcome to this forum. I suffer nerve damage/Pain. and can only take amitriptyline for it. also take naproxen and dihydrocodeine for arthritis and chronic persistent pain. I tend to live on minimum drugs as I dont like being totally zombified every day . also use a Tens machine for nerve pain it doesn’t make pain better but masks it so you can carry is a usefull tool to have if it works for you .and use mindfulness to help mentally and to get through bad flare ups.
    There is a lot of info if you click on Pain Relief at the top of page. but over the years have tried many drugs ect. what works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you. it’s a case of trial and error to what meds and alternative medicine works for you, as we all tolerate medication differently.
    As Paul says about the pain clinic will help you tremendously and can assess you and help find what treatment works for you to suit your situation. keep in touch and let us all know how you get on, also come and talk about anything that is bothering you as we have probably all been there at some point. we are a friendly bunch that try to help each other out with understanding and empathy.
    Hope you find relief soon, Take care and best wishes. Lee



    Hi Paul and Lee,

    Thanks for you replies!
    I have a pain clinic appointment on the 22nd March (finally), do you know what exactly happens on the first appointment?
    I also have occupational health involved as I started back at work in January after being off for 15 months.

    Thanks both
    Sam x



    Hi Sam, If I can remember correctly at my first pain clinic appointment,which was many years ago. when I first walked in I found it a bit of an eye opener, as there was lots of cancer patients sitting there and thought am I in the right place. but as time has gone by more and more people with all sorts of long term pain are turning up. mainly nerve pain and chronic persistent pain some diagnosed some not. there was a group of people an anesthetist and pain doctor and senior physio therapist, and they looked at my records to see what I had already done and meds i tried. then asked me to explain what was going on,and how i felt, then tried me on a tens machine which i borrowed for about a month then had to give it back it worked some what for me, so I bought one, then tried me on gapapentin which sent me crawling the walls then lyrica , each time i was ringing them up and and they saw me again. most of the nerve drugs , injections, nerve ablations ect. either didn’t work or only for a short time, then they tried amitriptiline, usually the first thing they try you on. which for me works some what, stops me kicking around in my sleep and moaning, waking myself up in excruciating pain also i sleep better, along with the tens ,for which I manage quite well. strange they never tried it first time . now I only see the one of them.also less frequent as at the moment the things i,m on and use work for me. I’ve been in pain for about 23 years now. I still get break through pain with nerves occasionally and use Tens but now have arthritis and SIJ problems,also chronic persistent pain, as I fractured/dislocated pelvis and had 2 lower back surgery. also had mental health issues, that comes with long term pain, so had counselling, CBT and mindfulness, the last 2 were the best and do mindfulness most days. the main thing is to keep as active as you can, and keep the mind occupied. I hope my story helps you in some way but we all cope and deal with things differently and what works for one doesn’t mean it works for you.
    they are there to help you and find what works best for you,they do care , each area is different and depends on the people there to what they offer you.take care and best wishes and GOOD LUCK on your first pain clinic appt. Lee



    Sorry to bother you again, just a quick question!
    Do you know if nerve pain can spread?

    The last couple of weeks the pain has spread to past my knee and that hasn’t happened before:(

    I will reply properly to your last message when I can go on the computer rather than my phone 🙂



    Yes it can.
    For me, my nerve pain is due to actual physical nerve damage on my left side. However, as time went on i was experiencing the same levels of high pain in my right leg. But there is nothing wrong with my right leg.

    When i had all my nerve tests done at St Thomas they explained how the brain receives pain signals, and how the brain itself can generate these phantom pains in other areas that give you the perception of having more pain in another area. Even though its actually being generated from somewhere else.
    The human body can be quite cruel in that respect sadly.



    Hi Paul,

    That would make sense – I have physical nerve damage to in my femoral nerve on my right and has started to spread after 14/15 months so that’s really helpful to know thank you!



    Hi SamP, Yes, it is known as referred pain, like all mine in legs and feet , actually stems from my lower back. Good luck with pain clinic appt that you have coming up soon, take care and best wishes, Lee



    Hi Sam – welcome to the forum! I suffer with pelvic nerve damage in my right buttock, and can struggle to walk, as the others have rightly said the pain clinic is a good route to go down.

    Spookily enough I did a post about knee pain about a year ago, and I did some research which advised – “Most hip or knee pain can be distilled down to three problems: poor performance of the muscles in the back of the pelvis, overly tight muscles in the front of the pelvis, and poor movement habits that reinforce both these issues. Essentially, hip and knee pain have their roots in poor pelvic muscle performance.”

    I’m not sure what problems you experience, but having done exercises which strengthen your core muscles has made a huge difference to my pain levels. It took me 4 years to find this information out from an amazing physio. I often think things would not have gotten so bad if I’d been given this advice from the start.

    All the best for 22nd! best wishes AnnieD

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