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    Hi Astra

    You are right in saying that when in so much pain, we will try anything. A couple of years ago I had about 8 one hourly sessions of CBT over a period of 3 months . I had to wait 2 years after the RTA, that caused my pain, to attend these sessions, I think I would have benefited from these sessions earlier. It is lovely to talk to someone who has experience & understanding of chronic pain, but driving to the sessions increased my pain. I was then advised to take courses in Mindfullness & I bought the book. Much of this training I believe I had heard before, maybe in 1981 in the natural childbirth classes which I attended.

    I understand your problems with socialising, putting pain to the back of the mind is only possible for short periods & then suddenly it all becomes too much & I have found I suddenly have to leave. I always suffer with increased pain, the day after.

    Give it a go & I hope that it helps!



    Thanks Diana. It’s great to know that other people have found CBT helpful.

    I do find socialising less fun than it used to be. We had a family get together for Mother’s Day weekend, which meant a 200 mile drive and 2 nights in an uncomfortable bed. Although it was lovely to see my family (we’re spread out all over the country) I’m still exhausted. I could really have done with the week off to recover!

    Hoping that I don’t have to wait too much longer.



    Well I finally have an appointment – 28th April. Fingers crossed 🙂



    Hi Astra, same problems i have different beds usually so uncomfortable i wake up in pain and restless nights. usaully have to stop a few times to get out of car as sitting in one position too long causes pain. like me my family all over the place.It’s really good to see them and do enjoy myself but can’t wait to get back to me own bed. I get what you mean socialising is less fun especially when pain is involved. Good luck with CBT and I hope you find it a useful tool to add to collection of dealing and coping with your pain. I’ve finished all mine and mindfulness. after nearly a year at it all. and must admit I am in a better place and better at dealing with people and family whilst in Pain even others have noticed a difference in me. So Best Wishes and Take Care and hope it works for you just keep an open mind and try. Lee

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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