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    Ideally you need CBD with THC (Small amount 10%) Anything more than a trace amount (0.01%) is illegal in the UK.

    But our Government that allows Sativex (50:50 mix)to be manufactured in this country does not find a place for it to be bought by patients and only allows it to be prescribed for ONE indication: Multiple Sclerosis with Muscle Spasms. It is very Expensive. Theoretically a GP could prescribe it, but they are too scared of litigation by the GMC.

    Next Option: Move to a country where it is legal or one of the States in the USA that does allow it.

    The best use of CBD/THC is inhalation as then it goes directly into your blood stream. Cookies and oils are unreliable.

    Buying Marijuana from someone is illegal. There are many risks associated with this. You do not know the source and are subsidizing drug dealers. You have no easy way of knowing what the concentrations of CBD and THC are present. You could end up with a custodial sentence??


    Thank you Raphael for your reply, all opinions are welcomed.
    Opiates vs THC/CBD vaping oil, My Partners R.Arthritis Pain is gone her Flare-ups are GONE, she is not cured of R,Arthritis we are fully aware of this, shall I ask her to go back to sleepless nights with Chronic Pain, because of the points you made?
    Also should my mother who also suffered Pain with her Parkinson’s and does NOT no more.
    should we be the judge the folks who make these decisions or should we make the decisions for them, after all Raphael they are of sound mind, have we even the right to tell them how to address their own Pain. This thc/cbd vaping oil is NO cure we are aware of this, but it is a cure for ‘their’ Pain. Let’s concentrate on the word ‘their’.
    Have a great day Rapheal thank you for your reply


    Thank you for your response.

    Each person has to make a decision for themselves. I belong to this forum for a reason, I have had severe chronic neuropathic pain for about 30 years. I have studied the matter of cannabis in the use of pain in great depth from a medical point of view and read extensively. I have spoken to doctors in my practice and asked to be given sativex but they are not prepared to prescribe it for me. I have used high strength cbd paste orally (yugh), I have an inhaler and tried various CBD compounds and products over the last 6 to 7 years, but not THC. Unfortunately it has not worked for me. I would love to be able to get thc/cbd, but it is not available for me from a legal medical source.

    I use Duragesic skin patches and Duloxetine as the basis of my management.

    All the best to you and your relatives. They have exercised their choice, but we must be able to talk to one another about our experiences and keep our minds open. This is the purpose of thus forum.

    I have had to make to decision about not using street cannabis, of unknown make up and quality and legality and have decided not to go that route. That is my choice that I live with.

    We all have to make choices, this has been mine. Hopefully the government will see some sense on this matter and allow it for genuine cases in the not too distant future. This has happened elsewhere.

    Those who sell street cannabis generally will only be interested in getting you high and making profits for themselves and their “masters!” They usually use gullible children to act as gobetweens. A very sad situation.


    There is no profit in selling 3ml for £15 or 10ml for £40 these guys ARE CHARITABLE WITH THEIR PRICES. The 3ml bottle lasts my partner over a month for her R.Arthritis and that is bloody good. In fact too good. They really are trying to help folk, not all pain sufferers have a big bank balances, their there for everyone, just ordinary guys.
    It’s a shame you can’t buy it where you are but you do need the THC to be in it for both THC and CBD to complement each other.
    Hopefully peoples attitude to this situation shall change, kind regards Brendan

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    Helen H

    Hello again!

    With Opioids you have to keep upping the dose as your body gets used to it…so you have to take more for the same effect.

    Does anyone know if CBD is the same?

    I think it’s the pits that the only way to get the stuff prescribed in the UK is to get a diagnosis of Multiple Schlerosis- there are so many neurological conditions that could benefit..

    Take care all



    Hi Helen, My partner has not upped her dose at all, she started vaping maybe more she now vapes 2-3 vapes a night, it maybe because it is in her system now, but we can safely say regarding he R.Arthritis so far so good, kind regards Brendan


    Hi All, it’s not that many years ago when the government relaxed the rules on cannabis and down graded it to a lower class, only to change their mind a few years later. And I remember the time when there was a cannabis cafe in Stockport which supplied medicinal quality cannabis. Until they were shut down. Can’t remember the full details but it did get into to the newspapers. I often think I would like to try the cbd oil. But there’s the thought of being dissapointed if it doesn’t help or cause side effects. Will have to give it some more thought.

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    Leave a message on (Link removed)tell the guys about your concerns, I’m sure they’ll get back to you with honest advice. And that’s what matters Honesty. I’m sure you’ll get along fine with your inquiries 🙂

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    Helen H

    Thanks so much Brendan. I am so glad your wife finds it so helpful.

    Cheers Helen

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