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    Haven’t been on here for ages now but things have gone crazy since AUgust.
    Had heart attack. Two stents fitteed and tons of tablets. Tow more blockages seen and angiogram booked for pressure test.
    Terrible problems with various tablets.
    Statin first, then the blood thinner, then the beta blocker which was supposedly giving me hallucinations. Just been given new blood thinner (anti platelet) which is causing rapid heart, chest pain and bad breathlessness as bad as the previous one did. Anyway Last Friday I had the planned angiogram- all went well, no stents needed and discharged.
    Have had years of low back pain and last week I started waking up with my entire spine pulsating; horrific pain low down and seeing big black shapes everywhere. Tuesday ended up being admitted with suspected cauda equina. After a horrific 3 days in hospital and an MRI scan which didn’t show cauda equina, I discharged myself as I was on a surgical ward and wasn’t getting my painkiller until an hour late. I was shouted at for crying and a nurse raised an arm as if t o hit me during the night. Told to get back to bed and shut up.
    Spoke to my own GP Friday who said I did the right thing getting out of there but this morning I woke at 8.40 bursting for a wee; went ok and back to bed till 9.40. Stood up out of bed and urine poured down my leg. Pain in lower back is horrific with saddle tingling and pain across both buttocks. Husband is fed up and angry nothing’s being done and says to wait for my own gP tomorrow. I’m scared. Can it be cauda equina even after a clear MRI scan?

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    Hi Di, caudia equina is narrowing where the nerve roots go it effects a lot of nerves this usually happens after lower back surgery, and in some cases you can claim negligence to the hospital. but very much doubt you have this although i could be wrong. blimey you have gone through the mill, I would defiantly report and make a complaint of what happened to you to the trust of the hospital. if you felt unsafe due to nurses actions. see your GP as soon as, and tell them what you have gone through and the problems you’ve had, and had after surgery, all that you have faced and felt seems a disgrace to me. My thoughts are with you and hope you get sorted out soon. Take care and best wishes . Lee



    Hi Di – so sorry to hear about your plight since August, and take good care of yourself you!! Holy moly – your hospital treatment earlier in the week – how awful for you – that’s really dreadful!!

    I’ve got toilet issues just like you’ve described, after years of being told nothing wrong with my back, and things just kept getting worse I was finally diagnosed with pelvic/sacral nerve damage after bladder/bowel tests. So I would say seriously consider other areas since your MRI came back clear. Daily pumpkin seed tablets have been a life saver during the night.

    All the very best with your GP tomorrow Di, and do let us know how you get on – stay strong Di and bestest wishes AnnieD xx


    Jan Sadler

    What a dreadful time you’ve been having, Di. I quite understand about the heart drugs as I take a bucketful myself each day. I also get hallucinations when I wake up in the night, it’s the Bisoprolol. Weird. I’m used to them now but at first it was a bit scary.

    I hope you get some good support from your GP and maybe a referral to a consultant to get your current problems sorted out, whether it’s cauda equine or not, it needs sorting.

    Good luck, all the best



    Dear Di – to my inspirational Lancashire lass – I shan’t forget when we got off topic and talked about our local regional foods! I hope 2019 is being kinder to you, and was just thinking of you, so take good care & best wishes AnnieD xx

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