Can't Get My Pain Relief

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    Hi Paul , We are not allowed to self medicate in my hospital.
    You can take your own meds in with you but they are locked away
    In your bedside cabinet.

    Hope you get home soon .


    Hi Lee, Thanks for the info. I have rang the hospital consultants
    Secretary and left a message asking her to ring me back.
    I’m hoping she will verify that I was taking oramorph at the higher
    dose while inpatient 3 weeks ago !

    Dr has given me enough oramorph to last 4 weeks at 5ml x 4 times daily .
    5ml doesn’t touch the pain , I can’t win because if I take 10ml
    I’m going to run out and I will have to go back into hospital again!


    Hi Hope,

    Can you tell us what type of pain you have, and where ?.
    I used to take Oramorph also, its a bit old fashioned and only useful for certain types of pain.
    In some instances there are better modern alternatives that are much nicer without the horrible side effects.


    Hi Paul
    I have tried many meds in the past including Lyrica , Gabapentin
    Tramadol and amitriptyline. All of them gave me terrible side effects.

    I have constant burning pain in my lower back and also have a bladder condition which causes terrible burning pain in my bladder and also
    in my bowel. When all 3 kick of together it’s excruciating and it’s
    put me in hospital many times . I have a lot of trouble finding medications that help the pain and what I can tolerate. Even 10ml
    of oramorph doesn’t take the pain away , it only eases it a bit .


    Hi Hope, I know its not good or benefiting you, but go back to Gp and say that what your taking is not helping and that if it continues you will end up back in hospital to get your pain under control if they don’t help. and if it comes to it, go to hospital, take your phone and when the nurses are not around take pictures of your notes. just a suggestion. have you tried just keeping to 5ml during the day then at night before you go to bed take 10ml just so you can get some relief then when it comes to it that your Gp wont give you more just put yourself back to hospital if nothing is sorted by then. hopefully you will have sorted the problem out before it comes to that and the consultants secretary would have sorted it out for you.

    Hi PaulT_99, hope you get better soon to get back home. I think you have better rest than in hospital with all what goes on.
    Take care and best wishes both of you. Lee


    Instead of taking your night time dose, could you ask for a different muscle relaxer/ help with getting to sleep pill. They are out there. Your GP will have the BNF latest copy for reference. And you could do some research yourself, either online or getting a slightly older copy from your reference library or sending for one off one of the Auction web sites. I’ve tried some of those meds you mention Plus others All useless for me and many bad side effects. The other thought is, is it a possibility you could get a private appointment at a recommend pain clinic in your county or beyond. They should I would hope have more knowledge on pain relief meds.

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    You are entitled to ask for a copy of your hospital records although you will have to pay for them. You can also get copies of x rays etc. Any increase in dosage should have been recorded.
    When I was last in hospital I had to take my oxynorm in with me and keep it in a locked container in my bedside cabinet because I had to self administer because I take it every 3 hours and they refused to get two nurses to man the trolley so frequently. I wasn’t even asked to sign a form so what they’d have done if anything had gone wrong I don’t know.

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