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    I was in hospital recently where I had my morphine
    Upped to 10 ml 4x daily . Because the hospital didn’t put this
    on my discharge letter my GP won’t give me anymore for another
    3 weeks and I’m going to run out in 3 days !!
    Hospital are denying they gave me oramorph at all this time
    when that is what they always give me !!

    Anyone know what I can do ? I’m so scared of the withdrawal symptoms
    coming down from 10 to 5 ml , plus it’s the only dose that helps
    me cope with the pain.


    Hi Hope,

    There should be a record of exactly which drug you were given when you were in hospital. Can you ring and ask if someone could look at your notes and tell you which drug they used? Or maybe ask tour doctor to ask them?

    Do hope you get sorted out.

    Annie x


    Hi Annie
    The hospital consultant is denying it was given to me .


    Pressed wrong button . Dr won’t give me anymore for another 3 weeks
    and I’m going to run out on Friday.
    My doctor has spoken to the consultions secretary and they say
    I never had it let alone they had to up the dose before my pain
    eased 3 days later !
    Every time it was given to me the nurse said “your not allergic
    to oramorph are you ” and I always asked what dose it was .

    NHS = No Hope Service !!


    So sorry about that. They’re not telling you the truth though, are they? All the drugs you were given would’ve been noted down, I’m sure, especially controlled drugs like Oramorph! Can’t understand it. X


    Did you sign for this drug ? If so that will be your proof. Can you get back to the hospital to the pharmacy to ask them to find the prescription. Bit of a long shot but you need that evidence. And surely there will be a label on the container saying the dose, your name etc and date


    Hi Annie For some reason they aren’t telling the truth.
    I’ve been in hospital many times and always been given oramorph.
    I’ve never had any problems before, I take it on GP prescription
    anyway , it’s just this time hospital had to give me larger doses
    as original doses weren’t touching the pain . Trouble is hospital
    didn’t put it on my discharge letter . All my meds were written on my
    chart . The hospital doesn’t keep these records once your discharged
    so there isn’t anything to prove it .


    Hi Rose, I never have to sign for it .The consultant has
    to prescribe it along with the dose .
    I don’t know why consultant would deny giving it too me when
    I’m given it every time I’m admitted! I know all the consultants
    on that ward ! I feel upset that my doctor doesn’t believe me,
    as in all the years I’ve been at this surgery I’ve never once
    taken one dose over what I’m allowed with any drug .

    The pharmacist did come to see me while I was in hospital.
    Would they still have my records ?


    Just thought, I don’t think there would be any record as
    on the ward they use the same bottle for everyone and just use
    syringes to pull everyones dose out .

    I’ve got enough on my plate without the worry of this .
    I feel so angry ,, they are forever throwing drugs at me that I
    can’t take and now I’ve found something that helps a bit they want
    to take it off me . I could cry !


    In all my recent hospital visits in the past 10yrs or so. The senior ward nurse needs to approve any Class A drug. He or She then needs to confirm your name and DoB.
    This is for every single dose.


    Hi Paul , Yes I was asked my name and date of birth
    before any of my medications . Every time I asked a nurse if
    I Could have some pain relief they went and got permission
    unless it was the drug round then I was just given it if it was the
    right time between doses.


    I’m due to go into hospital soon (hopefully) so, just out of interest, and if I’m not too dozy, I’ll ask what their routine with drugs is. X


    Im in hospital right now, sat up in my bed. (St Thomas, London).
    But im self medicating with my own prescribed drugs.

    I think the senior nurse is around late today, so i will ask if its not too awkward.


    Hi Hope, I thought it was hospital protocol that everything including drugs should be noted down and records should be kept in case anything sinister should happen to you, they have record of it. regardless of what one person is telling you.and it will be noted on your records, in case anyone does them for negligence. i would say ring them and ask for proof of what you were given it is your right and they should honour it. if not go to the hospital trust board and ask to talk or see someone from there. threaten them with that and i reckon they will soon jump. if not take it higher, you might have to do some work to see what there procedure for this is. hope you get what your after.
    also if GP do bring you straight down from 10 to 5ml oramorph when you start to have withdrawal symptoms go back to gp and tell him/her what is happening to you and threaten them with negligence if it is not sorted. and negligence of the hospital. they cannot fob you off like that. if it does come to you doing this , you watch the hospital find your records and what was given to you then as if by magic it will appear. Hope you get it sorted soon take care and best wishes. Lee


    sorry forgot to say, you may need some legal advice but can find a lot of info from your web browser CAB or Disability recource centre and others like these. get yourself armed with info on what your rights are over matters like this. hopefully it won’t come to it. best wishes and take care . Lee

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