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    Jan Sadler

    Thanks for your update, Alan. What great news! Good to hear things are going so well for you. You’re doing all the right things, keep moving as much as you sensibly can.
    Jan at PainSupport 🙂



    Hi Alan, great to hear that things are going well for you and keep doing gentle stretching exercises also keep mobile as much as you can by listening to what your body is telling you. Also listen to what the surgeon says you can/cannot do. it is nice to hear success stories, and how quick they have you up,
    sadly I had mine done about 23 years ago now and after badly fracturing /dislocating pelvis with surgery and first spinal op on L4/5 among broken ribs ect. I was in hospital about 2 weeks, then they sent me home to recuperate and was on crutches and sometimes a wheelchair, for about 18 months as I was not allowed to weight bear for a year on right side,after about 6 months i was doing hydro-therapy 3 times a week for 7 months.the rest of the months I was just laying down /sitting and just going to toilet.after 18 month I was allowed to go back to work when i felt like it, but went back earlier than that thinking I was ok. so off I went, after about 2 weeks I collapsed at work on light duties and lost bladder /bowel control and was rushed in. I was screaming in pain and ended up with fusion on L4/5 to S1. the surgeon went ballistic at me, when I came round. I was doing so well I thought until this point. after all this, I was not able to go back to work as an electrical/mechanical engineer. because of the pain I was in. Sadly I
    all this time down the road. I am left with persistent chronic pain, nerve pain/damage and now with SIJoint problems and arthritis in all where I had injured.Sadly for me mainly because I had over done it at work. and did not listen properly. well thats youth for you. they Never listen. LOL. But it is really nice to hear success stories. and that people are doing well after surgery. this all happened as a rear passenger in a car accident. and a lorry went over the top .we were doing about 80 mph and lorry was 60mph when we collided. basically I took fall force and was the worst one, as the lorry hit where i was sitting.and went over the top, very lucky to be alive and did die for a short while.but thanks to the emergency services, Im still here. this is the first time outside my family and therapist that I have spoken about it, fully well in the shortest way possible.
    Good Luck with your recovery and to others who are going to have this op. done. also best wishes and take care to the rest on this topic. Lee



    Just wanted to follow up my previous post to say I’m doing great. I improved daily after surgery. Went off all pain meds after two weeks. Started driving and went back to work at the same time. During the first week of work I’d leave mid-morning to lay down for a while and left mid-afternoon to do the same. Lots of walking.

    At the 3 month follow up the doctor cleared me for regular activity with no more restrictions. Basically he said there was little chance of me damaging the fusion at this point and that if it didn’t hurt then I could do it. So I started doing things and I started to feel even better.

    I still have some pain and stiffness and have to be careful how and what I do but for the most part I’m back to leading a normal life (3 1/2 months post surgery). I’m seeing a physical therapist to help with posture and technique to hopefully keep this from happening again.

    Currently in the process of building a new work shop. Sure feels good to be working hard and getting something done.

    Best of luck to everyone else out there!




    Hi Alan , Nice to hear your doing so well, don’t go to mad and over do things, and put yourself backwards, but glad to hear to have come through a difficult time and getting back to your self. take it easy and Take care ,best wishes, Lee

Viewing 4 posts - 136 through 139 (of 139 total)

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