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    I find it difficult to sit and am having to spend a lot of time lying down.
    Any of you in similar position, or bed-bound with any advice?




    Hi, Sacha, if you can, and I appreciate it is not always possible, try not to be lying on one side more than 8 hours. In other words turn over from left to right or visa/ versa and lying on your back if able. So that there is no pressure on part of your body full time. Perhaps as an extra, you could gently massage after moving, the part of your body, that takes the most pressure of ones weight when lying down. I had this worry many years ago, so I understand your concerns. If you are still concerned, and are awake, change your positions every 4 hours or so. There are mattresses that have air inside them( wish I could remember the term) that run via electricity plug to move the air within the mattress in order to avoid pressure sores.



    Hi Sacha, the best way like Rose says, change position frequently. keep skin dry and clean also use pillows between parts of your body that press against each other, if lying on your side put pillows between ankles and knees.
    there are pressure relief mattress toppers you can get either fleece, or there is a bubble one which i guess would be more expensive, and try to exercise like raising your arm up so that your shoulder moves off the mattress alternatively and if possible lift your legs so knees are bent, simple ones like that can help if you can do that.
    Hope this helps and you don’t have to much trouble with sore, take care and best wishes, Lee



    Hi Sacha,

    I would suggest speaking to your GP about this as district nurses could be directed to support you with bed sores, it’s important to tackle this early to avoid a breakdown in the skin.

    Take care.



    Yeah plz speak to your GP Sacha

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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