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    For the past 4 years I have had a couple of MRI scans, gone through many different types of pain killer medication, two different types of injection and Surgery for degenerative scoliosis, non of which has helped the back pain and pain down the right leg that has stopped me walking much more than a few hundred yards.

    I am now desperate to get some relief, any thoughts from anyone on this forum that perhaps has similar symptoms.

    Thanks for reading.


    Hi Spurs boy.

    I have back and leg pain, and have had so for about 17years.
    Last year my pain ranking was 8 to 9/10.

    The first thing is to determine what is causing your pain.
    Is it mechanical based. i.e a crushed disc ?. Or is it Nerve based pain.
    If its mechanical, then the route cause needs to be fixed.
    If nerve pain then the routes are different.

    Are you able to list what pain medications you have tried. Did any help at all ?.
    Often, if its Nerve based pain the best option is to get referred to a good Pain Clinic and let them look after you. Unfortunately look all things there are good and bad ones. It took me until about 2.5yrs ago until i found a good pain clinic. “St Thomas” in London. At that point my life changed for the better. And ultimately i have now been through Spinal Cord Stimulation surgery and for me it has given my life back. But it doesnt work for everyone.

    Hope that helps.
    If you go back to the main homepage of this site there is also loads of info for alternative Pain management paths. All worth looking into.


    Thanks for your reply.

    The MRI scans that I have had show that I have trapped nerve which is why 18 months ago I had surgery to release the nerve, unfortunately that did not make any difference and when I returned to the hospital I was told that I would have to live with it!!

    Previous to this I have had a facet joint injection and a year later a L5 nerve root block, neither gave any pain relief.

    Medication over the years I Have been prescribed Co-codamol, Amitriptyline, Gabapentin, Tramadol and Pregabalin. None of which have made any difference to the pain.

    Also was referred to pain clinic who gave up on me after the injections and medication did not work, have tried acupuncture, physio and an osteopath but still have the pain.

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    Hi Spursboy, Paul has already given great sound advice. Like myself live with nerve pain/damage and also found that most pain killers don’t work for nerve pain. also injections and nerve ablations either don’t work or very short lived. been like this for about 23 years. was told to stay away from osteopaths and chiropractors as I have had lower back surgery 2 and fractured /dislocated pelvis.and live in constant pain just varying levels . and also been told there is nothing more they can do or reluctant to do. unless I lose bladder/bowel control or lose the use of legs then the would have me in. until then i have been floating around in circles within the system.
    Also live with depression and had suicidal thoughts, what got me out of it .After counselling somewhat helped was CBT for a year 1-1 then straight into Mindfulness which I practice most days, It helped me Deal and cope with what I was going through, and over time found that I know live alongside my pain and Acceptance of it all and what has happened to me in a non-judgemental way and kindness to myself. also to enjoy the little things I can manage and do a lot of art and craft which distracts my mind onto something else rather than the pain, at times when I am bed bound with pain I use a Tens which masks the nerve pain and do my family tree. and enjoy the days when I am out of the 4 walls of my home.
    It’s a case of finding what meds and other methods also alternative treatments that help the best. so you can carry on to an extent.and to focus on the good times and NOT beat yourself up and dwell on it to much . I understand and IT is hard and takes a lot of effort to do, and cope and deal with it all, also to accept the situation your in, I am proof it can be done. from my worse depressive state to how i live now has taken me about 6 years. but it was worth it. I had the tools from CBT and Mindfulness, just had to put them all into practise.
    If there was A Mgic pill that works , we would all be on it. I’m afraid there is n’t one.
    if you want some inspiration Helen and I done a blog on myself if you type into the search forums box top left of this page, and type , Lee’s blog on Mindfulness and at the very bottom there should be a link in blue just click on that. it should take you to it It is in 2 parts . the final one is the 2nd one up in blue . it is part of Helen and the chronic elephant, who helped me do it. It may Help you get inspiration on how to live with pain. I hope this helps in some way. take care and best wishes . Lee


    OK, so the pain you have is Nerve based from what you are saying.

    There is a painkiller called “Tapentadol” that is relatively new.
    Released in 2012 and it is specifically formulated for Nerve Pain.
    It works for some, and not for others. I was using it prior to my SCS surgery and it was the first thing in 15+ years that actually worked for me.

    Most GP’s have no clue what it is, since its quite new. And this year the issuing has been changed. It can ONLY be prescribed by a Pain clinic. Or a GP can do it if they have a letter from a pain clinic asking to put you on it.

    I think the main reason is cost. The NHS price is £1,245 per box of 50mg tablets.
    So a typical years supply for 1 person is £30,000 !.


    Hi Spursboy, SCS surgery is, I think last resort for nerve pain. and for most it works and can come off all the other poison that they throw at you ,also know people to go back to work after years of suffering, and has Worked for Paul and others, which is brilliant news and am happy for him. but for a small minority it is not tolerable.but worth a try whatever, it might work for you as it has done for Paul, who has a lot of experience in this field. Also surgeons ect for the average group people are reluctant to use spinal surgery ie nerve decompression ect. and fusion. as this is the final step to recovery and in my experience this type of surgery is a 50/50 chance that it works for them ,as we are all individual cases. On this site spinal surgery mainly has not benefited us, also known as failed surgery. But I do know a few that it has worked for and they have gone back to employment. this is why I say a 50/50 chance. But as Paul says, find a Good Pain Clinic, to help you and they can give and try a wider range of options than a GP can. Take care and best wishes. Lee

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