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    Hi all

    I have had real problems trying to relax my back an shoulders because i get a shooting pain up my back when i do it.

    I would love to be able to lie flat an think of being somewhere else an just make my body relax but i am continuously tensed up through my back an shoulders too.

    Has anyone any suggestions as to what i can do to lesson the tension?

    Many thanks


    Hi Sherry, sorry you are so uncomfortable. The answer to your question can be found right here on the painSupport site. If you click Back to Main Menu under the flower at the top left, the Main Menu will drop down. Click on Pain Relief and Voila! A world of answers will appear before your eyes.

    Hope this helps. I know it’s been of help to so many of us, and we probably don’t thank Jan enough for having it there for our use.

    So THANKS JAN! And I hope you feel better, Sherry.

    Regards, Sylvia


    Hi, Sherry,
    I had a remedial massage a couple of weeks ago and was told that I was full of tension due to the pain. She told me that remedial massage works the muscles that are tense and this is a good way to relieve it as the back muscles are the ones we don’t often use well, especially those with back pain. I’m going to book more some sessions next week. I too find it difficult to lie down and relax but managed this well during the massage.If you want to know more details, as I know you are in Surrey, please contact me.
    Best wishes, Laura


    Dear Sherry,
    Have you tried Autogenic Training? It is a deep relaxation technique. If you are interested please email me and I will send you the course (free).
    Kind regards


    Sherry, have you investigated Bowen Therapy? It sounds as if that’s just what you need. It doesn’t hurt at all and you don’t even undress.
    It’s worked miracles on me.


    Recently I’ve started doing some work for a Spa in Leeds called Waterfall Spa. They sent me on a sampler day and one of the treatments I had was their ‘tension busting massage’. It uses deep tissue massage to really work out the knots in your back caused by tension, and aromatherapy oils, which help to relax your body and mind in general.
    I have to say I am definitely going to be back for more!
    From my yoga I have learned that pain relief has a lot to do with breathing and relaxing your muscles. However other than my one hour of yoga a week, realistically there aren’t many times in my hectic schedule for breathing techniques! I found that being in the spa itself (in the aromatherapy room and the hydrotherapy pool) gave me the time to do my deep breathing and just relax fully for a whole day- I felt wonderful!

    If you live near Leeds you should try it hun, or search for a spa near you. Hope it helps x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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