Spinal Cord Stimulator, SCS

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    hi i have been told that the main place for these are in basildon essex, i have had a letter from the pct tosay they will pay for it all ? amazing bupa wouldnt pay for a thing,just waiting to hear from basildon for an appointment

    thanks tony


    Author tony – Lincolnshire 06/11/2006

    Email : tony.farrow@btinternet.com
    Hi need help has anyone had a spinal stimulator to the neck area not lower back, i have heard real problems with them and have read an article you cant drive after one ?
    can anyone help please urgent


    Hi Mike and Tony


    Wow im inspired to read your post reporting great success with the Trial Stimulator…this is great news and I hope that you get your implant very soon. Please keep us posted as to how this goes for you. What unit have they in mind to implant for you?


    There are many contraindications in regards to stimulation, I know in the early stages it is not recommended to drive…I cant anyhow as cant sit so for me its not an issue at the moment. i know of someone who has driven after the initial 6 weeks calming down period and its fine…but this is something that should be discussed with a doctor to get the right advice.

    Its great that you have funding from your PCt, that is not easy to achieve…well done!
    I live in Ireland and have private insurance and E112 coverage that will pay for mine in Belgium.

    At the moment Im waiting for an SSEP test and then will be organising my dates etc for the trial Stimulator and like you Mike I cannot wait. Just hope i can post the same positive results that you have…you have given me hope!


    Mary Clark

    Hi I have read all Amanda’s replys and the nerve stimulator I have in my arm and the battery is in top of my left breast was implanted exctly the same way. I went in hospital had the electrodes imlanted over ulnar nerve top left arm then wires coming out of shoulder for two weeks trial and eventually had a medtronic batttry implanted in my chest 5yrs ago. As yet I havent been able to be in contact with anyone who has had one implanted for an upper limb. All seem to be implanted for spines or lower limbs.It certainly changed my life. Mary


    I have been on the treadmill of the pain clinic and physio, drug trials, injection, medication, ect ect for 13yrs my pain has increased on a daily basis after my laminectumy/discectumy in 1994
    I am at the begining of a fight for my localPCT to pay for my op,for SCS If there is anyone who has any info on how you convinced them to fund,
    I’m interested in the basildon authority funding , can I be refered from my GP to a neurosurgeon from essex?
    Look forward to speaking to like minded people.



    Dear Rob.
    Hello, I have been treated by Thurrock Basildon Hospitals all my life and at this present time am very glad to be a patient of the pain management, my life would be nil without them..
    My pain consultants are one of a few that do the IDT And SCT .
    My Consultant offered me the Intrathecal Morphine pump treatment, One of the very last resorts.
    I am very sorry Rob I have no idea how to advise you how to get treatment from this county, Other than ask for a referal from your GP Im sure he cannot refuse you.
    I do hope you can get the excellent help from the consultants I know , Sadly its all do do with money!! Im sure you know it all goes down to funds and probably it goes to those who live in the area; then maybe those that need it after being refered.
    Other than that It is down to private treatment.
    All I know is our hospital is always on a tight budget but seem to cope.
    I wish you the best of luck..
    Diana ..

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