Piriformis Syndrome

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    Anyone know anything about how long this might take to get better – if indeed it does. Been off work 8 weeks now and beginning to wonder.


    Quite a while but since you have been off work so long you know that! Have you tryed any muscle relaxers? Heat/cold packs, Massage helps and staying off your feet and letting the muscles all settle down helps. I think there is another toppic much further down that was talked about before.

    Jan Sadler

    I found this information on http://www.spine-health.com, always a mine of information about the back:

    The piriformis muscle is a small muscle located in the buttocks that rotates the hip. It runs horizontally, and the sciatic nerve runs vertically directly beneath the muscle. The muscle can become tight and place pressure on the sciatic nerve, resulting in leg pain which may be difficult to distinguish from a radiculopathy (nerve pinching in the spine), which is also commonly called sciatica.
    The patient’s spinal imaging studies will not show any nerve pinching, and on physical exam, motion of the patient’s hip will generate the pain.

    Treatment typically consists of:

    Physical therapy that includes manual release (deep massage), along with hip range of motion exercises.

    For severe cases, the muscle may be injected with lidocaine to decrease spasm and help the patient make progress in physical therapy.
    == End of quote

    I believe botox can also be used in the muscle to relax it. I damaged mine when I fell on it and regret it has never recovered, it causes very painful sciatica. However, they can and do recover, but who knows how long… every case is different. Well worth having it investigated though, and seeing if correct stretching exercises and/or an injection would help.
    Do let us know how you get on.
    Jan at PainSupport


    I have suffered for years and it was only by chance a support menber gave me the opportunity to investigate.I had already had a MRI scan and told degenerative back.I have had
    excruiating back pain and out of bed in a morning i have not been able to move.I have been taking Gabapentin for Post Herpetic Neuralgia which helps and it has certainly helped my back.Hopes this is not too depressing to read,but of course no 2 patients are the same
    Hope you feel better soon
    Keep smiling


    Hi Norman,
    As a botox treatment was wearing off, I got a muscle spasm in the peraformis, (sp?), I tryed massage, the massage therapist thought she could help. I had two sessions a day, 3 times a wk for 3 wks., & presto the pain went away with the spasm. It stopped the sciatica as well. At least until next time. Every time the botox wears off the muscle spasms are better than the last time t wore off, it is deffinatly a progressive treatment.
    Take Care
    Cheers Pam


    I know all about this pesky muscle.
    there are afew things that will really make you pir/muscle flare up and the worst one is getting in and out of cars and up from chairs,
    you must make sure that when getting out of a car, you put both feet flat on the ground in front of you, and stand straight up, otherwise you kind of spin and pivot and that tweeks and pinches that muscle fi you dont do it right, this is espcially important if you drive a car that is low to the ground.
    I use to have such problems with my car, as I am very tall,
    Ieventually bought a car that I didnt have to struggle to gat out of, one that I actually stepd down to the ground rather than having to puch and twist my way up out of the car, I know this seem s too silly but I cant tell the difference it has mad.
    as far as treatment go the a massage therapist, NOT a phisical therapist, and have them do fairly deep tissue massage directly on that muscle, and the and the obiques that run up and over from yourback to the side of your waist.
    a really great thing to do your self is with a tennis ball, no other ball will work put it up agaisnt a wall and kind of roll around on it, just to out side of your butt bone, you know tht one that goes boing when you hit it wrong!
    also taking the leg that is hurting you and bending that knee cross it in front of you resting it on your standing leg and lean forward, this will strech out that muscle.
    or If you have a mate he/she can also lean in on this muscle using the elbow to push into your butt cheek! while you lay on your tummy.
    the best would be to go to a massage first so you can see how they do it, then you can do it yourself.
    this muscle can really ruin your life, I dealt with it for many years, ( I drove a corvette) if only I had known sooner thats what was causing it….
    sounds crazy I know, but this hardly ever bothers me ecept when I have to borrow someones car or am a passenger in car, and have had to get in and out a few times usually by that pm or next am it will start bothering me.
    also sleep on an Ice pack and take aleve or other anti-inflammatory.
    also standing on one leg and reaching for something over head, while the other leg is left kind of dangling will also start making it hurt.
    hope this helps


    hi with regards to your piriformis syndrome i feel for you im 30 i had a accident and was told i had damaged my s1 joint with secoundry piriformis syndrome i suffer badly this was almost 4 years ago to be honest my pain has increased find out how to do the piriformis stretch it can give some relief sometimes but this is a nightmare pain ive had many operations no relief


    Hi everyone,
    I have given the details of this website before- http://www.kalindra.com.

    It is very informative- it includes the Piriformis Syndrome and the sacro-iliac joint.

    Hope this helps,
    Take care, Love linda x


    hi all again this problem i find intresting and it would be great if someone could tell me if the problem is the same with them or not. my piriformis has been a nightmare for 4 years ive been told it is secoundry to anouther problem i have. i find many days i awake ok by lunchtime as activities increase im pulling my hair out with the most anoying pain.i do find the stretches ect can give instant relief sometimes also a broom handle pushed hard into the check of your bottom can help. i now take a lot of drugs for this but after a dreadful week or day you can then out of the blue have a good day, you try to remember what you did diffrent but sometimes you cant find a answer.


    I have been reading with interest your question about the Piriformis muscle.

    I have been struggling for three months now with sciatic pain and when I first started with the pain, the consultant in A and E decided it was to do with the piriformis muscle and gave me an acupuncture injection there and then. This quickly relieved the pressure I was feeling in my buttock but within days, the pain was back where it was before. I am still struggling with it and I am wondering if it has anything to do with Piriformis Syndrome. Thank you for alerting me to this.

    How are you getting on with your pain? Has it been relieved in any way? What has been the most helpful thing for you?

    Best wishes,


    hi rebbeca i also have trouble with this poxy muscle i was told mine was secoundry to a problem at my s1 joint. i go down hill as day goes on 2 things my consultant told me to take preglabilin bextra and amitriptylyne ive had sciatica for 4 years at diffrent levels there is a stretch called the piriformis stretch it can help. ive had it injected with botox but not a great deal of relief you will be best asking a doctor for the right medication. im up and down like a yo yo best wishes with the treatment paul


    The question is here: Why is the piriformis spasming? The body is doing this for a reason! It may well be to (help) stabilize a loose area in the pelvic/lowerback region. So rather than taking lots of drugs to essentially address the symptoms, I suggest addressing the underlying problem. I had this and made a full recovery in about a month. Suggest researching prolotherapy and find a body worker who really understands “muscle balance” issues/rehab (most don’t).


    Prolo is one idea but also a caudal epidural is really good at releasing spasm there and quick and less risky, results immediate and inexpensive.

    It is a very difficult muscle to stretch and release-manipulation and trigger point there can be excruciating and painful and hard to tolerate. I in fact went to physio on Friday evening to ask him to help release it a bit and he didn’t manage as thought I was going to die with the trigger point work he was doing and had to ask him to stop.However the stretch was fantastic. We sit on our behinds all day and they take the weight of our backs as shock absorbers so no wonder they tense up and are in pain. My sister who doesn’t have chronic pain does have a painful piriformis and she is a healthy lady. So it happens to most of us!


    Instead of sitting in a chair when you have piriformis syndrome, try sitting on an exercise ball instead. It akes all the pressure off the tailbone, supports your spine better and is much more comfortable.
    The chirpractor I went to never uses a chair at all, just an exercise ball. I was surprised at the difference it makes.


    Good idea only I weigh too much for one and can’t lug one around to meetings at work. But yes very true.

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