spinal nerve stimulators

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    Hi Rob,

    My good friend thank you for your vote of confidence as always….it sure is great to know that others have belief in me…!!





    Thanks for your article regarding Spinal Stimulation techniques.

    Today I got a huge surprise…a phone call from the HSE acknowledging receipt of my application for funding and also the approval of same. I was dumbstruck as on previous times when I have applied for this funding it has taken months of hounding these people trying to prove why I have to go abroad for treatment. This time its all in order…I cannot believe it. They have agreed to unlimited funding and to many trips to Brussels to see this doctor.
    So this is one huge load off the mind and less to worry about especially financially. Now I just have to wait and see what my insurance Company say about my application to them. The HSE only pay for part of the procedure…and the insurance Company pay the rest.

    I have to admit to being on a high tonight as this was a huge battle…..or so it should have been!
    I know that the reason why this was relatively easy to process could be due to the fact that i contacted the MOH about my last claim…it seems it pays to hve contacts in high places.!!!

    Good luck to all.



    Dear Amanda,
    Yippee!!! Well done. Hurray. Congratulations.
    Have emailed you.


    That really is good news and we all know what you have been through and light at the end of tunnels makes all the difference

    Know you like a poem so here goes

    Its all about E one one two
    To allow for things we need to do
    And today when it arrived
    You knew that now you could provide

    You only mentioned on Pain Support
    A place you go for your rapport
    Rob narrated you’d be “Fine of course”
    A little help for needs like yours

    Now you know what he meant
    All your funds have now been sent
    If he knew why didn’t he say?
    Rather than wait another day

    But,of course, he didn’t know
    Encouragement only given to show
    And Amanda you can believe
    That those who give do receive

    Just keep at it



    Thanks honey for your mail and for the congrats too. I hope that you are healing well now. Will email you next.

    Love and hugs



    Wow what a poet you are my friend…astounding and brilliant!!!

    I know that the stimulator may not work for me, or I may not be considered a valid candidate for one either….but not having to pay for it certainly helps me so much at the moment. it is stressful giong to another country to meet a strange doctor without having to worry about money to pay for it all. Luckilly for me my consultants letters have been clear and to the point and have stated the need for me to try this therapy out asap.

    Thanks for being a great friend



    Mary Clark

    Hi Mike
    How you getting on have you got it implanted yet.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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