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    Hi Guys i`m new to this forum and only found it by accident searching for information on the new drug Palexia and what to expect. I`m a wheelchair user and have had cronic pain for 10 years. Obviously i have been through the doctors drug book with little success. My pain management consultant has recently put me on this Palexia instead of the tramadol and other opiods . what a difference i`ve found to my pain levels. I`d like to know how others have found this new drug, as i have next to no side effects other than a dry mouth. Is it possible they have found a “cure” for severe cronic pain.



    Hi there, and welcome to the forum, hope you find it useful, we are a friendly bunch on here! Im so glad to hear you are finding Palexia such a good drug. About this time last year, I was put on it, to try to swap from Tramadol slow release which I have become quite tolerant to over the years. However, I found Palexia didnt get to my pain at all, and I was in agony, even with increased doseage. It was a real disappointment as I had heard such great things about it.
    I hope it continues to work for you. If you want to read the other comments about it from previously, go on the search box and type in Palexia and you will get the”thread” from before and all the messages, which would be useful for you to read.
    Best wishes, Steph



    there are loads of palexia topics on this forum if you use the search function above the topic list.



    Tried it for a short time fairly recently, after moving on from Tramadol – didn’t do a thing for me despite it being (in theory) considerably stronger.

    I have ended up (via a few other trials of other opiates in varying dosages) on a comparatively low dosage of Buprenorphine patches!

    Proves, if nothing else, that responses to any drug can be very quirky and individual.



    My doctor has denied me Palexia even to try, says it’s just like tramadol no different. If anybody could tell me the difference then please email me

    also I can’t find the search facility on this website, would someone please advise me where that is as well



    To Alastair
    I have sent you an email with instructions for finding the search box.
    but here also is a quick shorter version reply
    On the main Discussion page with the topics on, you will see a blue line near the top. Above this to the right you will see an oblong empty box this is where you put your word in.



    Not tried this personally but heard a lot about it.

    I think I remember my pain consultant saying it works on the brain and pain receptors in the same way Tramadol modified release does. There is lots of info about it on-line and quite a bit of personal experience on this forum.
    Good Lock



    Many thanks Rose, I just couldn’t find a lot on here about it and because my GP has never dispensed it before, I was denied it totally.

    I tried talking to my pharmacist and he had never dispensed it either so I think I’m going to have to ask by pain consultant to authorise this, because tramadol plays absolute havoc with my digestive system. Both my GP and pharmacist had got information in reference books but neither had had any experience with patients and the outcomes. Looking on the Internet it looks as if it doesn’t have as many digestive system problems which would suit me down to the ground. I’ve just had 8 ablations to the nerves of my spine which have been a total failure – – ablations is cutting the nerves, all that has done has left me in more pain which is absolutely appalling. Sorry I’m just saying too much.

    I can only see one member who it’s been really good for and would love to discuss this with them.



    There are two ways of searching the forum. One is to press Ctrl & F when a box for your search word will appear at the top or bottom of your screen. The other is to use the search box at the top of the forum where it says ‘Show topics containing’, then click Search.

    However, there is no way of searching the whole site for any particular topic or word.

    PainSupport Admin



    Thank you so much for helping me to find the search facility. I’m going to ask my specialist to ask my doctor to prescribe it and see what happens. I had a wonderful back surgery in Germany 10 years ago which has been brilliant, only 8 years ago to be badly injured by a UK surgeon and I’ve had to have 4 major surgeries nothing to do with my back to try and rectify matters. I’ve been in constant pain and been unable to travel for those 8 years even on holiday – – I’ve not had a holiday now for almost 9 years
    Alastair 🙂



    Alastair, when I was prescribed it, I had to visit 14 Pharmacists to find it, so it’s not common, probably as most of the guidance I have read seems to try to discourage it’s use due to cost!… OK they could have got it, but that was a Friday, and it would have been Monday PM at the earliest, and I was keen to get going with it, suffering on Tramadol at the time!

    Pity it was such a non-event for me though 🙁



    I checked the cost on the Internet and its £1.78 a day for 2 tablets – – my doctor said to me it’s not the cost, I just wonder?



    From BNF…
    “”Palexia® SR (Grünenthal)
    Tablets, f/c, m/r, tapentadol (as hydrochloride) 50 mg (white), net price 28-tab pack = £12.46, 56-tab pack = £24.91; 100 mg (yellow), 56-tab pack = £49.82, 150 mg (pink), 56-tab pack = £74.73; 200 mg (orange), 56-tab pack = £99.64; 250 mg (red), 56-tab pack = £124.55. Label: 2, 25″

    Lots of Authorities seem to have rules about it’;s prescribing though… eg. or



    Mmm I only looked at the 50Mg and I see what you mean about the limiting comments
    Alastair 🙂



    I looked online, and Leeds do support this particular drug but it has to be authorised by the specialist who I’m going to see on Thursday evening. I was quite amazed to see the number of PCT is that did not support this at all. It’s not so much controversial but being a new drug I think the outcomes have not been substantiated and also everybody is cutting back on the NHS stuff. Many thanks for all information
    Alastair 🙂

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